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Role of transportation in developing attractive, inclusive and healthy cities for people

Below is a report from Aleh Kliatsko and Andrey Edemsky who received a grant to organise an event in Moscow on the role of transportation in developing attractive, inclusive and healthy cities:

Illustration by Anastasiya Andrukovich

In October 2014, the Swedish Institute and the Embassy of Sweden in Moscow organized the kick-off of the local SI Alumni Network. It was a great evening for networking and sharing experiences. During the event there was opportunity to discuss how a local Moscow-based SI alumni network in Russia could be formed. In order to keep the momentum of the successful kick-off meeting and continue building the local SI Alumni network in the Moscow area, a new alumni event has been organized under the title ”Role of transportation in developing attractive, inclusive and healthy cities for people”, highlighting experiences both from Stockholm and Moscow.

The event was organized by SI alumni Aleh Kliatsko and Andrey Edemsky with support of the Swedish Institute and has been held at Scandinavia
Club. Read more » >>

Smart Sustainable Cities, 28 March in Ukraine

Please find below a report from the organisers of the SI alumni event “Smart Sustainable Cities: Ecology, ICT and Architecture” held on 28 March in Ukraine.

On March 28th, SI alumni Anastasia Borenkova and Oleg Nesterenko organized an alumni event called “Smart Sustainable Cities: Ecology, ICT and Architecture”. The event attracted not only the SI alumni, but a large number of people who are interested in the topic of sustainable development. Thus all the participants could network and get new valuable contacts.

After organizing such an event it became evident that the issues of sustainable development in the various areas of life will be of great importance for the Ukrainian government, activists and companies working in Ukraine. Luckily, at the event there were many speakers from abroad – Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, and Russia – who shared their expertise and presented some unique examples. For example, a lot was said about the Royal Sea Port and Hammarby district in Stockholm, and infrastructure projects in Malmo. Read more » >>

“Smart Sustainable Cities: Ecology, ICT, Architecture” in Kyiv, Ukraine

Please find below an invitation from SI Alumni Anastasiya Borenkova and Oleg Nesterenko to an event on sustainable urbanization in Kyiv on 28 March. This is one of the 14 SI Alumni events granted funding by SI in the first of two calls for applications in 2015.

Photo: Oleg Nesterenko

On the 28th of March there will be an alumni event «Smart Sustainable Cities: Ecology, ICT, Architecture» in Kyiv, Ukraine.

We kindly invite all alumni interested in the topic of sustainable development of the communities: ecologists, engineers, architects, designers, activists, etc. Registration may be completed following the link: bit.ly/March28th.

Languages of the event are English and Ukrainian.

At our event Swedish, Danish, Ukrainian and Russian specialists will present the results of their research and work. Special attention will be given to the practices in Sweden and Ukraine. Read more » >>

Announcement: The Swedish Institute offers support to arrange local SI alumni events during 2014

Are you a Swedish Institute Alumni and interested in organizing a local alumni event?

The Swedish Institute (SI) is pleased to announce the possibility for SI alumni (former scholarship and grant holders) as well as alumni associations supported by SI to apply for financial support to arrange local events, focusing on thematic areas of relevance for development. This call provides a start-up possibility for SI alumni who wish to stay active and continue building professional networks after their scholarships in Sweden.

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This weeks Alumni Profile, Cao W from China

Name: Cao Weiqiu (Mike)

Mike in Sweden at KTH

Mike in Sweden at KTH

When, where & what you studied in Sweden? 
Mike studied in 2002 till 2004 in KTH (Royal insitute of Technology) for internetworking master and Stockholms Universities for EMIS master program. Was awarded KTH Stipend for thesis work in KTH Swedish Center for Internet Research.

Current occupation:
Mike has worked as managing director of Shanghai Mu Yi Investment Advisors Ltd. since 2006. He led teams to have accomplished a series of venture capital and private equity investment projects in varies emerging sectors. Now he focuses on technolgoy transfer and venture investments between Nordic countries and China.

Strongest memory from Sweden?
Clean environment, orders in live and sustainable development spirit in Swedish people’s mind.

Mike with Swedish Minister of Environment Mrs Lena Ek

Mike with Swedish Minister of Environment Mrs Lena Ek

Your best recommendation to new students in Sweden?
It is one of the best places to make good friends and design your future.