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Passive house – Active consumer, Kiev 5 September

Please find below a report and pictures from “Passive house – Active consumer. Energy efficiency in residential sector” – an alumni event organised by Georgii Valdenmaiier and Julia Shevchenko in the Ukraine:

The event was held in Kyiv on 5 September and organized by SI alumni Georgii Valdenmaiier and Julia Shevchenko.

The seminar included 7 short lectures on different topics regarding energy efficiency – from energy efficient architecture to energy cooperatives.

The event started with short presentation of the SI Alumni Network and the idea of the seminar held by Georgii Valdenmaiier.

The very first lectures was provided by young successful Belarusian architect Aleksandr Kucharavy. Aleksandr presented the concepts of passive, active and multifunctional houses. In the second part speaker shared with audience personal experience of building multifunctional houses in Belarus and Ukraine. Read more » >>

‘’Sustainable lifestyle: small actions, big difference?’’ SI alumni event in Minsk on 16 September

Are you living in Belarus and are interested in sustainability issues? SI alumnus Katsiaryna Syrayezhkina is organising a seminar on the topic “Sustainable lifestyle: small actions, big difference?” on 16 September in Minsk. Below is an invitation for all SI alumni and scholarship holders!

Photo: Simon Paulin/Imagebank Sweden


Dear Swedish Institute Alumni and Scholarship Holders, We hereby have the pleasure to invite you to the seminar ‘’Sustainable lifestyle: small actions, big difference?’’ which will take place on September 16th (14.00-18.00) The event is organised in cooperation with the Association of European Business and ODB Brussels.

Every day we make decisions about the way we live, but unfortunately, we often make wrong choices. The way we eat and live in our homes, what we buy, consume and waste, and how we move around account for significant impacts. Our mistakes make life less healthy, and have a negative impact on the world we all live in. Read more » >>

SI Alumni Profile: Rafaela Ariana Flach

More than 400 SI scholarship holders – students and researchers – completed their scholarship period this semester and became part of the SI Alumni Network. There are now more than 10,000 SI alumni! We asked a few of the new alumni to share their future plans, hopes and expectations with us. This week it’s time for Rafaela Flach to share with us a bit about her future plans!

Name: Rafaela Ariana Flach

Country: Brazil

When, where & what did you study in Sweden:
I was awarded an SI Scholarship to attend the Msc in Science for Sustainable Development programme in Linköping University, between 2013 and 2015.

What’s your plan now?
From September to December 2015, I will contribute as a visiting researcher in the Centre for Development Studies in Bonn University, in a project called “Forests in the Global Bioeconomy: Developing Multi-Scale Policy Scenarios”, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

After this, I am headed to start my PhD studies in the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, in University of East Anglia, United Kingdom. There, I will investigate climate change impacts on society and ecosystems under different socioeconomic pathways, analysing how impact avoidance is constrained by availability of land and water.

In general, I want to pursue the goal I established when starting my studies in Sweden, to become a sustainability scientist contributing to science-policy engagement in processes related to climate change, water and deforestation. During and after my PhD, I expect to provide scientific assistance to the Brazilian government and international organizations which influence policies and international cooperation regarding these issues.

Read more » >>

Role of transportation in developing attractive, inclusive and healthy cities for people

Below is a report from Aleh Kliatsko and Andrey Edemsky who received a grant to organise an event in Moscow on the role of transportation in developing attractive, inclusive and healthy cities:

Illustration by Anastasiya Andrukovich

In October 2014, the Swedish Institute and the Embassy of Sweden in Moscow organized the kick-off of the local SI Alumni Network. It was a great evening for networking and sharing experiences. During the event there was opportunity to discuss how a local Moscow-based SI alumni network in Russia could be formed. In order to keep the momentum of the successful kick-off meeting and continue building the local SI Alumni network in the Moscow area, a new alumni event has been organized under the title ”Role of transportation in developing attractive, inclusive and healthy cities for people”, highlighting experiences both from Stockholm and Moscow.

The event was organized by SI alumni Aleh Kliatsko and Andrey Edemsky with support of the Swedish Institute and has been held at Scandinavia
Club. Read more » >>

Workshop on Sustainability Economics

Mariia Tyshchenko was granted funding to organise an alumni event in the first call for application in 2015. Below you’ll find a report from the workshop she organised on Sustainability Economics, 22-23 May in Kiev, Ukraine.

On May 22-23 an international workshop on Sustainability Economics was held at Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University with support from the Swedish Institute and the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine.

The aim of the event was to consolidate Swedish Institute sustainability programs’ alumni efforts and develop communication between them. Events like these are organized by the Swedish Institute worldwide, including Ukraine. Apart from SI Alumni, students and teachers from different parts of Ukraine (Mykolaiv, Severodoneck, Ternopil, Lviv and Lutsk) as well as invited foreign (Slovakia) and domestic experts on sustainable development issues took part in the workshop. The event was moderated by the Swedish Institute Summer Program graduate Mariia Tyshchenko (PhD, associate professor of KNEU). Read more » >>