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SI Alumni Profile: Pengcheng Cao, China


Pengcheng Cao



When, where & what did you study in Sweden:

I studied in the Master’s program of Engineering Material Science in KTH during 2014 and 2015.

Where are you now?

I am currently working in Sandvik as a trainee. Sandvik is a Swedish company with a history of more than 150 years. It has great businesses in material technology, machining and mining.

How did you end up working for a Swedish Company?

I have a background in materials for both my Bachelor’s and Master’s. And like everyone else, I was looking at companies that fit my background. Sandvik is one of the well-known companies focusing on material science and they had a trainee program open for application in 2015. So I applied for it, went through several rounds of interesting interviews and luckily they were interested in me too.

Tell us about your experience as an SI Alumni:

During the years I was studying, SI provided many opportunities to attend activities within areas of politics, technology, culture and leadership, etc. You get the chance to meet great leaders, to participate in interesting workshops and to share your own knowledge. They were always of great experience and learning. Sometimes the opportunities might be limited, but then you can follow up the sharing by the participants and learn from what they have experienced.

What are you hopes for the SI Alumni Network for the future?

I hope that more and more talented people from different cultures can have the chance to join the network and to be able to influence others. The network will surely grow and every alumnus will directly and indirectly become a bridge between cultures, by which people will be able to learn from each other more.

Please describe what impact the SI scholarship has had on your life:

The scholarship has surely changed my life path. It gave me the chance to continue my Master’s studies in Sweden, to learn about a new culture and to get to know people from different cultures. From my study to my work, my life is now closely connected to Sweden.

SI surely has made impact to my families and friends too – they don’t mix up Sweden with Switzerland anymore!

What’s your best recommendation to new students in Sweden?

Be brave and make friends. Explore and learn about the Swedish culture as well as other cultures. Step out of your comfort zone and don’t let language stop you.