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Alumni profile of the week, Kazim Kartal from Turkey

Name: Kazim Kartal

 When, where and what did you study in Sweden?
I was the first student to receive a scholarship within the Swedish Turkish- Scholarship program. My scholarship was granted for studying at the Master program of European Politics at Lund University between 2002 and 2003.

 Current occupation & work:
I am working as EU Affairs Expert at the Ministry for European Union Affairs, Directorate for Financial Cooperation in Ankara, Turkey.

Picture: Working for Turkey’s membership to the EU

 Strongest memory from Sweden:
I was on a train from Stockholm to Lund. It was a table seat and two Swedish passengers were chatting just across the table. I needed to work on my thesis. When I took up the papers from the briefcase, they immediately left the table. Later on I saw them seated in another coach, rather uncomfortably. Ever since then I regret that I did not thank them for their understanding. Maybe it is not a big issue but made me feel welcome. 

 My best recommendations to new students in Sweden are:
Surviving the education system in Sweden might seem easier. Yes, you may have no problems in finishing the courses. But do not miss the real value of studying in Sweden. It gives you the chance to develop your personal strengths as long as you look for it.