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SI Alumni Profile: Iva Cvjeticanin, Serbia

Name: Iva Cvjeticanin

Country: Serbia

When, where & what did you study in Sweden?

I completed a master’s degree in Economic Growth, Innovation and Spatial Dynamics at the School of Economics and Management, Lund University. I enrolled in August 2011 and graduated in June 2013. Read more » >>

This weeks Alumni profile is Peace from Uganda

Name:Peace Masiko



My studies in Sweden? 

I studied at Lund University between 2011-2013 and attended the Masters Program of Public Health. I was awarded a Swedish Institute Scholarhip Program. 

Current occupation & work:

I am currently an ESL teacher in China and I strongly belive that the Scholarship contributed to my overrall leadership development

Strongest memory from Sweden

When friends from all over the world threw me a surprise bridal shower in November 2012. I couldn’t have asked for more! 

Peace in Sweden with friends

Peace in Sweden with friends!


Your best recommendation to new students in Sweden?

Time flies so take advantage of opportunities to explore Sweden and Europe, or make your own.

INVITATION Alumni event Indonesia

To Sweden Alumni and former international students from Indonesia

The Ambassador of Sweden, Mrs Ewa Polano has the pleasure to invite You as former Indonesian students to Sweden and now back in Indonesia, to a Buffet Dinner Reception with “Alumni Swedia”- the Alumni network for SI and Sweden Alumni in Indonesia. At the event you will also have the opportunity to meet the visiting delegation of representatives from; Swedish Institute (Stockholm), Chalmers University of Technology (Göteborg), Royal Institute of Technology – KTH (Stockholm) and Lund University (Lund). 

Indonesia Alumnni meeting June 2013

Date: Friday, 11 October 2013, at 18:30hours
R.S.V.P. by email: events.jakarta@gov.se
Remember to indicate when and were in Sweden you studied. You will recive a confirmation indicating event venue. 

The Swedish Delegation will also attend this year’s European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) in Surabaya and Jakarta, you are most welcome to a special Buffet Dinner Reception to welcome the Rrepresentatives from the Swedish Institute, Chalmers University of Technology, KTH – The Royal Institute of Technology, and Lund Universitywho will participate in EHEF, in Surabaya on 9 October and in Jakarta on 12-13 October 2013. More information about EHEF can be found on www.ehef-indonesia.org.

This event is also open for invited guest through the Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta Facebook group

Stay in touch on Social media by visiting:

This weeks Alumni profile is Dr. Evans Osabuohein from Nigeria

Name: Dr. Evans S. Osabuohein

My studies in Sweden:

Evans in being delat by snow!

Evans in being dealt by snow!

The Fellowship was awarded by Swedish Institute under ‘Guest Scholarship Programme’ at PhD level for 2009/2010. I spent six months during winter at Dept of Economics, Lund University, Lund as my host Institution. I used the period to carry out empirical analysis for my Ph.D Thesis.

I also took a course -Mathematical Statistics/Survival Analysis at Mathematical Centre with a view to strengthening my analytical skills. I did the final examination and passed on 2nd February,2010.

Current occupation & work:

With my wife during my Ph.D Convocation Ceremony

With my wife during my Ph.D Convocation Ceremony

I have continued my teaching and researching in my University (Department of Economics, Covenant University, Nigeria). I got a postdoctoral fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in 2012. Thus, am currently a Joint Postdoctoral Researcher at German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA), Hamburg and German Development Institute (DIE), Bonn.

Strongest memory from Sweden:

The strongest of them was when I had the privilege of meeting and talking with a Nobel Prize Winner in Economics – Oliver Williamson during his guest lecture at Lund University.

Evans with Nobel Prize winner of Economics 2009 at Lund University

Evans with Nobel Prize winner of Economics 2009 at Lund University

Another strong memory was when I did an oral examination for course (Mathematical Statistics/Survival Analysis) at Mathematical Centre. It was the first time to do full exam of a course orally.

I will never forget the gesture of my host Supervisor (Prof Gote Hanson) who came all the way to Copenhagen 6th September, 2009 to receive me at the airport when I arrived. It was first and lasting impression.

Your best recommendation to new students in Sweden?

Stay focused. Maintaing a close and healthy rapport with your supervisor is highly recommended. There are lots to learn, which may be very useful for your future life pursuits even after returning to your home country.

 Being hosted to a send forth Dinner before I left Sweden

Being hosted to a send forth Dinner before I left Sweden

Alumni Profile: Silvia from Brazil

Name: Sílvia Carolina Sebben

Silvia in Picture in Lund

Silvia in Picture in Lund

When, where & what you studied in Sweden? Indicate University and Scholarship Program?
From February to July 2009, in the city of Lund, at Lund University. I took part of the Euro Brazilian Windows program and took classes  on European and Scandinavian economics, history and culture and topics such as sustainable entrepreneurship and business innovation.

Current occupation & work
Small and Medium Businesses Associate at Google Brazil.

Strongest memory from Sweden
The cold weather, the beautiful and nice people and the incredibly organized cities. The respect for diversity and the constant pursuit for equality in society.

Your best recommendation to new students in Sweden?
Take your time to have classes related to issues which are specific to Sweden, such as the Swedish welfare state and the country’s initiatives regarding gender equality. It is great to learn about these topics in the country where they have been put in practice.