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SI Alumni Profile: Pengcheng Cao, China


Pengcheng Cao



When, where & what did you study in Sweden:

I studied in the Master’s program of Engineering Material Science in KTH during 2014 and 2015.

Where are you now?

I am currently working in Sandvik as a trainee. Sandvik is a Swedish company with a history of more than 150 years. It has great businesses in material technology, machining and mining.

How did you end up working for a Swedish Company?

I have a background in materials for both my Bachelor’s and Master’s. And like everyone else, I was looking at companies that fit my background. Sandvik is one of the well-known companies focusing on material science and they had a trainee program open for application in 2015. So I applied for it, went through several rounds of interesting interviews and luckily they were interested in me too.

Tell us about your experience as an SI Alumni:

During the years I was studying, SI provided many opportunities to attend activities within areas of politics, technology, culture and leadership, etc. You get the chance to meet great leaders, to participate in interesting workshops and to share your own knowledge. They were always of great experience and learning. Sometimes the opportunities might be limited, but then you can follow up the sharing by the participants and learn from what they have experienced.

What are you hopes for the SI Alumni Network for the future?

I hope that more and more talented people from different cultures can have the chance to join the network and to be able to influence others. The network will surely grow and every alumnus will directly and indirectly become a bridge between cultures, by which people will be able to learn from each other more.

Please describe what impact the SI scholarship has had on your life:

The scholarship has surely changed my life path. It gave me the chance to continue my Master’s studies in Sweden, to learn about a new culture and to get to know people from different cultures. From my study to my work, my life is now closely connected to Sweden.

SI surely has made impact to my families and friends too – they don’t mix up Sweden with Switzerland anymore!

What’s your best recommendation to new students in Sweden?

Be brave and make friends. Explore and learn about the Swedish culture as well as other cultures. Step out of your comfort zone and don’t let language stop you.

Alumni Swedia Break Fast Gathering & Pre Departure Session

As the Ramadan month has commenced,  Muslims in Indonesia observe the Fast of Ramadan. During this month, one will usually get lots of invitations to break the fast together and attend a small gathering. It’s very common that these invitations are extended to the non-Muslims as well.

Alumni Swedia in Indonesia also organised a small break fast gathering combined with informal pre-departure sharing session for future students who will study in Swedish universities. The event took place on July 10, 2014 at Bumbu Desa Pasaraya Blok M, South of Jakarta with 22 attendees.

Not much of food, a lot of sharing :-)

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European Higher Education Fair Indonesia

The 5th European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) in Indonesia attracted thousands of Indonesian university-seekers. Having held in 2 cities; Surabaya (October 9) and Jakarta (October 12 -13), the event was a resounding success. 2268  visitors were registered in Surabaya and this number was doubled during the two days fair in Jakarta with 5200 and 6240  registered participants respectively.

Various universities from different countries in Europe, including Sweden,  took part in this event. This year, Swedish Institute along with 3 other Swedish universities took part in promoting Swedish Higher Institution. Richard Stenelo and fellow colleague Karen Paulson represented Lund University, whereas  Margareta Svedlund and Kajsa Beckman represented KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Chalmers University of Technology was represented by Cecilia Hillman and Swedish Institute was represented by their Talent Mobility Unit staffs, Seble Abera and Malin Larsson.


While many other universities accompanied by their local agent or local representative, Swedish universities were accompanied by their students and alumni. Muhammad Mufti Azis, a current Indonesian Phd student at Chalmers was happy to share his experience studying in Chalmers. Casper and Jessica, KTH students who are currently studying in Singapore also gave some insight about what it’s like to study in KTH. Other Swedish universities alumni whose university was not represented in the event also came to support the Swedish booths.

“..  it was 5 years ago when I was among the crowd asking questions that led me to Sweden. Now, I am helping to answer those same questions” Laili Aidi, a former student of Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and KTH, shared her reflection of the event. Having to talk to Indonesians who have studied in Sweden helped visitors to relate better with Sweden and its higher education system.

Busy Swedish booths

The Swedish Institute booth shared studying in Sweden in general. It also helped scholarship-seekers to answer their questions regarding financing their studies. Furthermore, the Swedish Institute representatives also conducted a half-an-hour presentation sessions to further promote study in Sweden. Many curious visitors came to the session to get to know more about Sweden.

Visitors packed the information session by Swedish Institute

Some of the visitors had to sit on the floor to listen to SI presentation

All in all, the Swedish booths received very well responds from the visitors. Through this event we hope to be able to introduce Sweden as the destination country for quality higher education. We hope to see more Indonesians in Sweden and more Swedish Alumni in Indonesia.

Staffs, Alumni, Students, Uni representatives

*The last photo is courtesy of the Swedish Embassy in Jakarta

INVITATION Alumni event Indonesia

To Sweden Alumni and former international students from Indonesia

The Ambassador of Sweden, Mrs Ewa Polano has the pleasure to invite You as former Indonesian students to Sweden and now back in Indonesia, to a Buffet Dinner Reception with “Alumni Swedia”- the Alumni network for SI and Sweden Alumni in Indonesia. At the event you will also have the opportunity to meet the visiting delegation of representatives from; Swedish Institute (Stockholm), Chalmers University of Technology (Göteborg), Royal Institute of Technology – KTH (Stockholm) and Lund University (Lund). 

Indonesia Alumnni meeting June 2013

Date: Friday, 11 October 2013, at 18:30hours
R.S.V.P. by email: events.jakarta@gov.se
Remember to indicate when and were in Sweden you studied. You will recive a confirmation indicating event venue. 

The Swedish Delegation will also attend this year’s European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) in Surabaya and Jakarta, you are most welcome to a special Buffet Dinner Reception to welcome the Rrepresentatives from the Swedish Institute, Chalmers University of Technology, KTH – The Royal Institute of Technology, and Lund Universitywho will participate in EHEF, in Surabaya on 9 October and in Jakarta on 12-13 October 2013. More information about EHEF can be found on www.ehef-indonesia.org.

This event is also open for invited guest through the Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta Facebook group

Stay in touch on Social media by visiting:

Finding accommodation in Stockholm is a challenge but solutions are available if you insist

I was very happy to get the Guest scholarship and already made plans to go around Stockholm, visit museums, drink coffee, eat kanelbulle while reading a book, visit nearby cities such as Uppsala, walking in the streets of the old town thinking of a bright future!

Arriving in Stockholm was smooth. It was a bright day and I went to a hotel hoping to move to a place arranged by the university for me the next day. However, things were not so simple. Since I was going to stay for just two months, I was on a waiting list without an offer and, thus, I had to look for a place by myself quickly. October is already too late to look for a place to move immediately, but I was thinking positively.

I quote from the KTH website: “Due to the difficult housing situation in Stockholm the best thing to do is to start looking for private accommodation as soon as possible. It can be very hard to find accommodation in August and September, and the best is to perhaps stay with a friend if you know someone who lives in Stockholm. Even if it is hard to find somewhere to live most students find something relatively fast. Don’t give up as something will come your way in the end.” Source: Accommodation for Master’s Students.

Indeed, there is limited housing development in Stockholm, thus limited availability of houses for rental. That’s also why accommodation is expensive in Stockholm. KTH offers several options under a service called KTH Bostad (Accommodation Service). Students arriving in September can apply for university accommodation in May of the same year, and if there are enough places, to get an offer by June. Otherwise, they can look for accommodation by themselves with the assistance of KTH Bostad that offers a list of property offers. One may seek for the services of a real estate agent or companies providing rental services such as SSSB.

Alternative and more flexible option is to rent a room at a house (sharing accommodation) or share with other students. These are offered throughout the year, often for a limited period, usually from people in large homes or people that may go on a long vacation. It is important that there is trust between the tenant and the landlord, so when you visit a place please try to find out who you are going to be sharing a house with. Do not insist to get an offer if the person does not feel like renting to you. There are other fish in the sea. Of course, the place should be in a nice and convenient area in terms of access to public transport and safety, especially for females returning late at home. There is even a facebook group “a forum for students of KTH to discuss about housing issues in Stockholm” (THS Housing) you can read about various accommodation issues. Always try to know more about you legal rights and always respect the local laws, legislation and moral laws, in order to avoid inconvenience.

My personal experience was very positive. I got to live at a lovely place, north of Stockholm city, very close to the lake and the woods and with a good access to public transport. It took me a week to find it after visiting about five places with the kind help of my supervisor from the KTH. I got to know a Swedish artist and we became friends, keeping in touch since 2005. Thus, I was able to better meet and appreciate the Swedish culture and authentic way of living. I felt safe; I loved Swedish food and IKEA furniture and had nice conversations, walks and long and peaceful sleeping nights.

A lot of information about accommodation in Stockholm and Sweden in general is available online. Please start reading here: Accommodation for Master’s StudentsAccommodation and KTH Bostad. Never forget to visit SI’s portal http://www.sweden.se.

If you are a Greek student or researcher, please get in touch or post to the local SI’s Alumni Group in facebook, the Hellenic Society of Swedish Scholars. Myself, a board member or a group member might be able to advise.

A street in Blackeberg, a suburb of Stockholm