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Alumni Swedia Break Fast Gathering & Pre Departure Session

As the Ramadan month has commenced,  Muslims in Indonesia observe the Fast of Ramadan. During this month, one will usually get lots of invitations to break the fast together and attend a small gathering. It’s very common that these invitations are extended to the non-Muslims as well.

Alumni Swedia in Indonesia also organised a small break fast gathering combined with informal pre-departure sharing session for future students who will study in Swedish universities. The event took place on July 10, 2014 at Bumbu Desa Pasaraya Blok M, South of Jakarta with 22 attendees.

Not much of food, a lot of sharing :-)

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Welcome to our new Alumni bloggers – Dorothy Ferary, Marat Murzabekov and Olga Belorusova!

Representing Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus and having studied in Jönköping International Business School, Uppsala University and Malmö University the SI Alumni Team is excited to hear Dorothy, Marat and Olga tell their stories. In the coming months they will publish blog posts about Sweden and studying in Sweden combined with their personal experiences from living in Sweden. Stay tuned!

Dorothy and Marat have already published their first blog posts about memories from the first arrival to Sweden and how to become a PhD student in Sweden.

The SI Alumni Team very much hopes that you will enjoy their blogs!

Welcome on board Dorothy, Marat and Olga!


Alumni’ network? Sounds Interesting!

JIBS Alumni Annual General Meeting 2013

JIBS Alumni Annual General Meeting 2013

Planning and strategies… Making predictions for 1, 5 or 10 years ahead… Creation and support of collaboration… If you used to think that all of these boring economical terms relate only to companies, then you see just a small part of puzzle ;) In reality it directly relates to you and your colleagues from university: to your contacts with them after the graduation.

In the modern and dynamic world, namely the former classmates can help you to find a job; provide you with expertise and consulting; start a new business or project with you, or share some ideas and information. You and the fellow alumni, working now in various companies / industries / cities or countries, create a broad network, which is potentially very generous for different benefits, regardless of whether you are a manager, business owner or scientist.

The career success and professional development of alumni becomes increasingly important indicator for the quality of universities and business schools, as well as it is a powerful argument in the competition for new talented entrants. Graduates naturally become informal ambassadors of their alma mater, presenting it in their current companies, institutions, NGOs, and forming the image and reputation of the university. That is why intensive contacts with graduates, the development of joint projects and other cooperation are becoming extremely important for universities now.

On May 24th in Stockholm, at the headquarters of the Swedish Institute, a traditional JIBS Alumni Annual General Meeting was organized. More than 70 Jonkoping International Business Schools’ alumni from different years of graduation took part in the event. One of the central topics of meeting was the election of new Board of JIBS Alumni Association and the discussion about further strategies of JIBS Alumni Association’ development.

Maureen Hoppers - "Strengthening the network of international Alumni"

Maureen Hoppers – “Strengthening the network of international Alumni”

Since JIBS is traditionally one of the most international business schools in Sweden, it’s a vitally important to build alumni association based on the principal of internationalism and cross-cultural cooperation. Taking into account that Swedish Institute has a unique experience of international cooperation, it was a great luck to see presentation of Maureen Hoppers (Swedish Institute´s Global Alumni Relations Manager) “Strengthening the network of international Alumni”. Maureen showed several examples of events, organized by SI for scholarships’ alumni, and described media platforms, used for cooperation among international graduates.

Johan Roos - "Back to the Future - JIBS' renewed strategy"

Johan Roos – “Back to the Future – JIBS’ renewed strategy”

After that, Johan Roos (Dean and Managing Director of JIBS) presented his vision of JIBS development strategy: “Back to the Future – JIBS’ renewed strategy” and organized the discussion about how JIBS Alumni can help make it happen. He collected ideas and feedback from alumni regarding the strategy, and highlighted importance of further systematic cooperation between JIBS and its graduates.