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INVITATION Alumni event Indonesia

To Sweden Alumni and former international students from Indonesia

The Ambassador of Sweden, Mrs Ewa Polano has the pleasure to invite You as former Indonesian students to Sweden and now back in Indonesia, to a Buffet Dinner Reception with “Alumni Swedia”- the Alumni network for SI and Sweden Alumni in Indonesia. At the event you will also have the opportunity to meet the visiting delegation of representatives from; Swedish Institute (Stockholm), Chalmers University of Technology (Göteborg), Royal Institute of Technology – KTH (Stockholm) and Lund University (Lund). 

Indonesia Alumnni meeting June 2013

Date: Friday, 11 October 2013, at 18:30hours
R.S.V.P. by email: events.jakarta@gov.se
Remember to indicate when and were in Sweden you studied. You will recive a confirmation indicating event venue. 

The Swedish Delegation will also attend this year’s European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) in Surabaya and Jakarta, you are most welcome to a special Buffet Dinner Reception to welcome the Rrepresentatives from the Swedish Institute, Chalmers University of Technology, KTH – The Royal Institute of Technology, and Lund Universitywho will participate in EHEF, in Surabaya on 9 October and in Jakarta on 12-13 October 2013. More information about EHEF can be found on www.ehef-indonesia.org.

This event is also open for invited guest through the Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta Facebook group

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Midsommar Celebration in the Equator City of Jakarta

Living in Indonesia with abundance of sun and summer makes me appreciate sun and summer very little. That’s not the case when I was living in Sweden, where the sun comes out only for a precious 4-6 months in a year and the highest temperature it got was merely ‘mild’ summer or 20-ish degrees celcius.

Here in Jakarta we have sun for 12 months in a year, and the lowest temperature it gets is 30 degrees celcius. Despite all that, the Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta still decided to organize a Midsommar celebration! What’s more, they invited all Swedish alumni, as well as the new scholarship holders and the representatives of Swedish companies in Jakarta to celebrate it with them.

The celebration was held last week, to celebrate not only the Midsommar, but also the Swedish National Day on June 6th. The theme of the event is “Innovation & Tradition” that marks the long-held midsummer celebration tradition and Sweden’s spirit of innovation, particularly in Indonesia.

This year, there are two special occasions related to Swedish innovations in business here in Indonesia, which makes this year’s celebration even more festive than before. The first one is the official announcement that IKEA will open its store in Indonesia in 2014, and the second one is another announcement from H&M that will also open its store in Jakarta in September this year. Yay!!

Along with this happy announcement, the attendees of the Midsommar celebration also had a lot of fun dancing around the may pole together with the Ambassador, while singing “Små grodorna” – which also has an Indonesian version called “Kodok Ngorek”! The fun really doubled when you sing a song in different languages!

Besides dancing and singing, there was also Swedish food tasting, with meals ranging from köttbullar, Janssons fristelse, smoked salmon and many others. To add to all the fun, there was also a huge Dala horse celebrating with all of us and completes the Swedish atmosphere in the midsommar celebration in the equator city of Jakarta!

Happy Swedish National Day!


H.E. Ambassador Ewa Polano with the scholarship holders & sponsor companies



Photo session with (almost) all attendees!

Dancing around the maypole

Dancing around the maypole


The Dala Häst is in Jakarta!

Photos taken from documentation of the Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta.