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Inauguration of Innovative Sweden Exhibition and i3L Indonesia

Today, May 6th 2014, is an innovation feast in Indonesia as the Innovative Sweden Exhibition and i3L (Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences) are officially launched. i3L is a pioneer in the Indonesia’s life science innovation and research efforts. It pursues boundary-spanning and applied research in medicine, biotechnology, and food science in close collaboration with Karolinska Institute and the Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences (SLU). Held at the newly built i3L campus at Pulomas Jakarta, the inauguration event was started in the morning with a press conference where many major media in Indonesia covered the conference.

Press Conference with Erik Milfors (Trade Commissioner). Prof Dr. Niclas Adler (President of i3L, HE Ewa Polano (Ambassador of Sweden for Indonesia), Annika Rembe (Director General of Swedish Institute) and Mats Denninger (High Representative for International Environment Technology Cooperation)

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ALUMNI INVITATION – Innovative Sweden Berlin

If you are a former SI Scholarship holder or a Swedish language student (current or present) you are cordially invited to an event at the Swedish Embassy in Berlin on Friday 3 May at 14.00-18.00.

Inside "Felles Huset", The Nordic Embassies in Berlin

The event marks the end of the Exhibition “Innovative Sweden”, which is currently shown in Berlin at the Nordic Embassies. The exhibition presents a set of creative ideas and cutting-edge solutions, some of which have the potential to become tomorrow´s global product. “Innovative Sweden” was inaugurated in Stanford, California in 2011 and has since been touring three continents.

The Alumni-program will start with a guided tour of the exhibition “Innovative Sweden”. It will continue with an interactive presentation by the Swedish organization TILLT, which draws on creative artists to generate innovative thinking in business and government. Finally, there will be a reception and opportunities for networking.

Register by sending an email to: invit.berlin@gov.se

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With almost 5 years since we last hosted and alumni event in Berlin, the Swedish Institute (SI) and the Swedish Embassy in Berlin will be delighted to have you join us once again. Visit: www.si.se/sialumni for more information about SI:s alumni activities.

Most Welcome!