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SI alumni activities planned for 2016

Photo: Ola Ericson / Imagebank Sweden

Dear all,

We hope you’ve had a good start of the New Year! At SI we are preparing for all the activities coming up in 2016. We’d like to present an early rough plan to you of what activities and opportunities will be available for SI alumni during the coming year. Please note that the below is tentative and may be subject to change:

15 January – 7 February: Call for applications to organise alumni events

February: Call for applications to organise an SI Alumni Forum (for reference see events in Belarus, Indonesia and Uganda on the Alumni Blog)

February: Call for applications to be this year’s alumni speaker at the NFGL Diploma Ceremony in Stockholm, 27 May 2016

15 April: Call for applications to organise alumni events

28 April: Gender equality event in Malmö (spots for 10-15 alumni)

28 June – 1 July: International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR) Conference in Stockholm

August: Call for applications to organise alumni events (tentatively)

10-11 October: ICT/Innovation event in Luleå

8-10 December: Nobel Week Dialogue

We are looking forward to another exciting year for the SI Alumni Network!

/ SI Alumni Team

“Gender Rights and Opportunities”, 13 November in Minsk

Please find a report below from Liudmila Fakeyeva who was granted funding to organise a local alumni event earlier this year.

The seminar Gender Rights and Opportunities was organised on November 13, 2014 in Minsk, Belarus, by SI alumni Liudmila Fakeyeva, Maryna Barouka and Alena Shushkova with support from the Swedish Institute. The partners of the workshop were the Belarusian State University and the Association of European Business in Belarus.

The seminar provided an opportunity for Swedish Institute alumni, students, NGOs and interested partners to get acquainted with best practices of implementing principles of gender equality and its benefits. Read more » >>

Alumni Profile: Silvia from Brazil

Name: Sílvia Carolina Sebben

Silvia in Picture in Lund

Silvia in Picture in Lund

When, where & what you studied in Sweden? Indicate University and Scholarship Program?
From February to July 2009, in the city of Lund, at Lund University. I took part of the Euro Brazilian Windows program and took classes  on European and Scandinavian economics, history and culture and topics such as sustainable entrepreneurship and business innovation.

Current occupation & work
Small and Medium Businesses Associate at Google Brazil.

Strongest memory from Sweden
The cold weather, the beautiful and nice people and the incredibly organized cities. The respect for diversity and the constant pursuit for equality in society.

Your best recommendation to new students in Sweden?
Take your time to have classes related to issues which are specific to Sweden, such as the Swedish welfare state and the country’s initiatives regarding gender equality. It is great to learn about these topics in the country where they have been put in practice.