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Report from the organising team of the SI Alumni Forum in Belarus

Left to right: Pavel Makhnach, Liudmila Fokeeva, Aleh Kliatsko, Maryna Barouka, Aliaksei Kazlou, Katsiaryna Syrayezhkina, Vasili Mankevich, Ivan Tikota, Natalia Romeiko and Markus Boman (SI)


Dear Swedish Institute Alumni worldwide!

We are the team of the first Swedish Institute Alumni Forum (SIAF) on Entrepreneurship in Belarus (SIAF) and we would like to share our experience in the arrangement and conduction of the Forum. Unfortunately, we are not able to describe all the peculiarities, details and specifics of the Forum organization in one short blog article but we’d like to bring your attention to the most important parts.

Writing “we”, we mean the core of the team – 8 active participants: Ivan Tikota, Katsiaryna Syrayezhkina, Natalia Romeiko, Pavel Makhnach, Aleh Kliatsko, Aliaksei Kazlou, Maryna Barouka and Liudmila Fokeeva. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we did everything by ourselves. Within the organizing process a lot of other alumni in Belarus provided their support in different stages and in various activities. Read more » >>

“Fashion and Craft” exhibition opens in Moscow on 25 May!

On 25 May the”Fashion and Craft” exhibition will open in Moscow. The exhibition presents six designers from Russia and Sweden and is a collaboration between the All Russian Museum of Decorative Arts, the Swedish Institute and the Embassy of Sweden in Moscow. Please find more information below from the organisers:

Fashion and Craft merges craft practice and new design thinking. By studying our roots and traditional knowledge the present is connected with the past. It is a way of understanding where we come from and what possibilities lie in the future. Craft is a strong source of inspiration on the international fashion and design scene. The exhibition presents six designers from Russia and Sweden whose works reveal a variation in function and design. From haute couture to art pieces, they connect to traditional knowledge and relate to ecological, social or economic sustainability in different ways. To deepen the understanding of the local context, the designers have selected pieces from the museum collection to accompany their fashion. By blending traditional techniques with new designs, whether using new materials or new solutions, we push the frontiers of our innovative skills. This is of great importance when it comes to sustainability, since the choice of material and production has great impact on both society and nature.

Click to download the poster and booklet, and make sure to join the event on Facebook!