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Report from the organising team of the SI Alumni Forum in Belarus

Left to right: Pavel Makhnach, Liudmila Fokeeva, Aleh Kliatsko, Maryna Barouka, Aliaksei Kazlou, Katsiaryna Syrayezhkina, Vasili Mankevich, Ivan Tikota, Natalia Romeiko and Markus Boman (SI)


Dear Swedish Institute Alumni worldwide!

We are the team of the first Swedish Institute Alumni Forum (SIAF) on Entrepreneurship in Belarus (SIAF) and we would like to share our experience in the arrangement and conduction of the Forum. Unfortunately, we are not able to describe all the peculiarities, details and specifics of the Forum organization in one short blog article but we’d like to bring your attention to the most important parts.

Writing “we”, we mean the core of the team – 8 active participants: Ivan Tikota, Katsiaryna Syrayezhkina, Natalia Romeiko, Pavel Makhnach, Aleh Kliatsko, Aliaksei Kazlou, Maryna Barouka and Liudmila Fokeeva. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we did everything by ourselves. Within the organizing process a lot of other alumni in Belarus provided their support in different stages and in various activities. Read more » >>

Sustainable lifestyle: small actions, big difference?

The below report comes from Katsiaryna Syrayezhkina who organized an event on sustainable lifestyle in September.

A seminar on “Sustainable lifestyle: small actions, big difference?” was organized on September 16th in cooperation with the Association of European Business and ODB-Brussels (Belgium).

The main topics were as follows:

-          Sustainable lifestyle (Swedish experience)

-          Sustainable consumption

-          Ecological footprint

-          Eco-friendly initiatives

-          Sustainable mobility/transport

-          Energy efficient housing Read more » >>

‘’Sustainable lifestyle: small actions, big difference?’’ SI alumni event in Minsk on 16 September

Are you living in Belarus and are interested in sustainability issues? SI alumnus Katsiaryna Syrayezhkina is organising a seminar on the topic “Sustainable lifestyle: small actions, big difference?” on 16 September in Minsk. Below is an invitation for all SI alumni and scholarship holders!

Photo: Simon Paulin/Imagebank Sweden


Dear Swedish Institute Alumni and Scholarship Holders, We hereby have the pleasure to invite you to the seminar ‘’Sustainable lifestyle: small actions, big difference?’’ which will take place on September 16th (14.00-18.00) The event is organised in cooperation with the Association of European Business and ODB Brussels.

Every day we make decisions about the way we live, but unfortunately, we often make wrong choices. The way we eat and live in our homes, what we buy, consume and waste, and how we move around account for significant impacts. Our mistakes make life less healthy, and have a negative impact on the world we all live in. Read more » >>

Workshop on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity

Pavel Makhnatch and Ivan Tsikota were granted funding to organise an alumni event in the first call for application in 2015. Below you’ll find a report from the workshop they organised on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity, 24 May in Minsk, Belarus.

The role of entrepreneurship is vital for both economic growth of a country and personal development of a person. There is plenty of opportunities for Belarusian youth to become successful entrepreneurs, many of them avoid starting up the business referring to a number of barriers. Meanwhile, the country has a number of prerequisites for starting up a business: good infrastructure, easy tax rules for private entrepreneurs, cheap labor and access to 200 million of customers within the trade union with neighboring countries. Read more » >>

Alumni get-together in Minsk

On 28 December SI Alumni in Belarus got together in Minsk for an informal gathering. Vasili Mankevich writes about it below:

Photo provided by Vasili Mankevich

Alumni networks are fascinating and ours is probably as diverse as it can get! On December 28th together with other Swedish Institute Scholarship alumni we met in central Minsk for an informal “get-together”. Between the six of us we represented Belarus, Sweden and the UK in very different fields: Teaching, Architecture, Belarusian business association, Car Manufacturing, Research in Sustainability and Information Systems. Nevertheless, the discussion was lively – we could touch upon challenges of Belarusian education, Urban Development in Minsk, future of Belarusian IT sector and direct foreign investment. We found a lot of common points of interest (contrary to what our background may suggest) and I hope that some of the ideas we had will grow into projects. The boundary spanning property of the Swedish Institute network is something that can create a lot of interesting opportunities, but only through small and almost intimate meetings like ours, where people can share their story and try to understand each others viewpoint. May our small event be an inspiration for other alumni – you can meet up outside the large official events, have fun, mingle, and start exciting projects together!

Vasili Mankevich
PhD researcher in Informations Systems
Swedish Center for Digital Innovation http://www.scdi.se/researchers/vasili-mankevich/
Twitter https://twitter.com/vasilimankevich