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Photos from last week’s gender equality event in Malmö

Former and current SI scholarship holders gathered in Malmö 28-29 April to learn about Swedish experience in the field of gender equality. A total of 32 participants from 18 countries attended the event.

The programme included a lecture from the Swedish National Secretariat for Gender research, and study visits to Media Evolution (, Region Skåne (, including a presentation from the County Administrative Board of Skåne. Read more » >>

Sweden in 1m 46s: from generous parental leave to unpredictable weather

“This is Sweden” – a new film showcasing different sides of Sweden – was launched by the Swedish Institute today! You can watch it here:

Google Plus 

The video is also available for download at Vimeo and Sharing Sweden (with subtitles for 14, soon 17, languages).

The teaser for the film was released last week and has already been viewed 0,5 million times on social media. It was also screened yesterday at the Nasdaq Video Tower in Times Square, New York city.

The award-winning production company B-Reel Films produced the movie, Olof Lindh directed. At the age of 25 he already has a number of awards and achievements under his belt, including work for Spotify: “We’ve chosen a documentary method, shooting with real people in real situations rather than professional actors, to capture a true and multifaceted glimpse of life in Sweden.”

Alice Boman’s melancholic song Waiting helps convey the feeling further and the artist supports the video’s open message: “I’m proud to represent Sweden, the parts of Sweden this film highlight.”


Call for applications: SI Alumni Events!

Photo taken at last year’s alumni event “Our journey after Swedish Institute Management Programme”. Provided by SI alumnus Olga Ryabova.

Do you have an idea for an alumni event that you’d like to organise in 2016? The Swedish Institute can provide you financial support!

The Swedish Institute is pleased to announce the possibility for SI alumni and Regional SI Alumni Networks to apply for financial support to organise local events in 2016.

Through this call SI wishes to support regional alumni activities with the aim of creating platforms for alumni to meet, exchange knowledge and build competence in the network.

A maximum of SEK 12,000 can be applied for within this call. The grant can be used to arrange social events, lectures, seminars, workshops, study visits, and much more.

The call for applications is open from 15 January to 7 February.

You can find all relevant information and instructions on how to apply by clicking here.

Download the application form through this link.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Human rights in education, Ukraine 8 October

The below comes from Kateryna Shapochka who was granted alumni funding to organise an event on the theme of human rights in education:

The 8th October, Human Rights in Education seminar took place at the Mykolaiv V.O.Sukhomlynsky National University (Mykolaiv, Ukraine). It offered participants the opportunity to improve their knowledge about Human Rights Education, to problemize and question the implications of the HRE in a multicultural world, to deepen the knowledge about HRE on an international and national level.

We realize that a democratic society needs active citizens and the seminar showed that SI Alumni and other participants are ready to discuss the Fundamental Human Rights Declaration, want to learn more about HR Declaration and are the team to study possibilities for HR Education to became a mainstream in Ukraine’s educational system. Read more » >>

Human rights in education, Ukraine 8 October

SI alumnus Kateryna Shapochka was awarded a grant in the first call for applications in 2015 to organise an alumni event on the theme of human rights in education. The event is scheduled for 8 October. Please find more information from about the event and how to register below!

Seminar description

The seminar Human Rights in Education offers the participants the opportunity to improve their knowledge about Human Rights Education. A democratic society needs active citizens, and in our more and more globalized world, in Ukraine, Human Rights – as it is expressed in United Nations Human Rights Declaration and other declarations connected to it – play a very important role. Read more » >>