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SI Alumni Profile: Georgina Chávez Lizarraga

Georgina Chávez Lizarraga “nailing” her thesis.

Name: Georgina Chávez Lizarraga

Country: Bolivia

When, where & what you studied/researched about in Sweden:

I was part of a Sandwich Program which means I did half  of my PhD in Bolivia and half in Sweden, however I did also a stage in The Netherlands. I came to department of Biotechnology at Lund University in 2006 and defend my thesis in Oxidation of ketones in 2013.

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Alumni event in La Paz, Bolivia – Green Chemistry and Alternative Energies: Experiences and future perspectives

On October 3 of 2014 the first event organized for an alumni from the Swedish Institute was held in La Paz, Bolivia. The event: Seminar in Green Chemistry and Alternative Energies: Experiences and Future Perspectives, joined researchers from the main Universities of Bolivia: University San Andres and University San Simón and had as a key speaker Prof. Rajni Hatti Kaul head of Department of Biotechnology from Lund University-Sweden, who came especially for this event. We were glad to see that people from industry, academia and government present at the event. The event which was initially planned for 50 persons, but the interest make us increased in a 50% this number making a final of 76 interested in the topic, overcoming the expectations of the organizers. The arrangement for this seminar was lead by Ms. Georgina Chavez, SI Alumni from Bolivia.