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Call for applications: SI Alumni Events!

Photo taken at last year’s alumni event “Our journey after Swedish Institute Management Programme”. Provided by SI alumnus Olga Ryabova.

Do you have an idea for an alumni event that you’d like to organise in 2016? The Swedish Institute can provide you financial support!

The Swedish Institute is pleased to announce the possibility for SI alumni and Regional SI Alumni Networks to apply for financial support to organise local events in 2016.

Through this call SI wishes to support regional alumni activities with the aim of creating platforms for alumni to meet, exchange knowledge and build competence in the network.

A maximum of SEK 12,000 can be applied for within this call. The grant can be used to arrange social events, lectures, seminars, workshops, study visits, and much more.

The call for applications is open from 15 January to 7 February.

You can find all relevant information and instructions on how to apply by clicking here.

Download the application form through this link.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

SI Alumni Forum in Indonesia – Food entrepreneurship

It was a bright Saturday morning on the 21st of November, 2015, when we began arriving at the Swedish Residence in Jakarta. It was only 8.30 am, but the organizing committee was already there, as well as other participants who come from as far as Aceh and Makassar. Smiles were stretched, handshakes exchanged, name tags on – it’s time for the first Swedish Institute Alumni Forum 2015 in Indonesia!

The Swedish Institute Alumni Forum (SIAF) is a new initiative from SI to maintain and strengthen its alumni network. A pilot project for 2015, this forum is held in three selected countries: Indonesia, Belarus, and Uganda. The Swedish Institute fully sponsored this event, allowing alumni from other cities (and other islands!) to come and participate as well. It was such a privilege for us, Alumni Swedia, to be hosting this forum in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy in Jakarta.

Attended by about 60 alumni, the day’s schedule is packed with 3 different sessions, all of which aimed to provide alumni with aspiration and inspiration on how entrepreneurship – using our best skills, passion, and network – can create a better Indonesia. Moreover, we have chosen food entrepreneurship as our sub-theme because food unites people and it can open doors to countless opportunities, whether or not you are in the food industry.


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Alumni event in Kiev this Saturday: “Reconciliation after conflict” and “Civil Society Networked: Connecting Baltic and Black Sea Regions”

Alumni event coming up this Saturday in Kiev! Please find an invitation below from SI alumnus Alex Svetlov:

Reconciliation after conflict. How does it work in democracy? (Part I).
Civil Society Networked: Connecting Baltic and Black Sea Regions.
Challenges and Opportunities (Part II).

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian.

With kind support from the Swedish Institute.

When: 19 Sept., Saturday, from 14:00 to ? o´clock.

Place: Memorial Society / Меморіал, The Museum of Soviet occupation / Музей совєтської окупації; vul. Stelmakha №6-а, Kyiv, Ukraine / вул.

Михайла Стельмаха, №6-а, м. Київ. Read more » >>

Reminder: Opportunity for SI alumni to participate in the Twelfth International Conference of the International Society for Third Sector Research

Are you doing research on any of the below topics? Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

- The Third Sector and the Welfare state
- Civil society and Democracy
- NGOs and Globalization
- Accountability and Transparency
- Social Innovation and Social Enterprise
- Advocacy and Public Policy
- Philanthropy and Foundations
- Volunteerism and Co-production
- Managing Third Sector Organizations
- Emerging Areas of Theory and Practice

SI alumni researchers have the opportunity to participate in the Twelfth International Conference of the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) in Stockholm, free of cost!

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Opportunity for SI alumni to participate in the Twelfth International Conference of the International Society for Third Sector Research

Skeppsbron, Stockholm (Ola Ericson/Imagebank Sweden)

We are pleased to announce an opportunity for SI alumni researchers to participate in the Twelfth International Conference of the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) in Stockholm, free of cost! Below you’ll find more information about the conference and how you can submit your abstract to participate.

ISTR is a major international association promoting research and education in the fields of civil society, philanthropy, and the non-profit sector. It is also a global community of scholars, policymakers, and third sector leaders dedicated to the creation, discussion, and advancement of knowledge pertaining to the third sector and its impact on civil society, the welfare state, and public policy.

An ISTR conference is held every two years in different cities around the world. The Twelfth International Conference of the ISTR will take place at Ersta Sköndal University College in Stockholm from 28 June – 1 July 2016. Read more » >>