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SI Alumni Profile: Lina Idris

Name: Lina Idris

Country: Sudan

When, where & what you studied in Sweden:

I have studied Renewable Energy Systems master’s program at Halmstad University 2014 – 2015.

What do you do now?

I was hired as a project manager for Ten Star Solar AB shortly after my graduation. Actually, the day I wrote my last exam I treated myself with a visit to a local art gallery Tony Torro, which ended up being the missing link to my current occupation. Read more » >>

SI Alumni Profile: Ayman Idris

More than 400 SI scholarship holders – students and researchers – completed their scholarship period this semester and became part of the SI Alumni Network. There are now more than 10,000 SI alumni! We asked a few of the new alumni to share their future plans, hopes and expectations with us. First up is Ayman Idris from Sudan.


Name: Ayman Idris

Country: Sudan

Current occupation: Chief Innovation Officer at an IT company in Sudan.

When, where & what did you study in Sweden:

I attended the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm between August 2014 and June 2015, and was awarded a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.

What’s your plan now?

A couple of months into my master’s program, I wrote an op-ed article in a newspaper back home. The piece, rather optimistically (or maybe pompously) titled “Innovation Is The Solution To All Corporate ills”, was intended to reflect on the new perspective I had on what it means for a business to be innovative, and how to foster and nurture a culture of innovation that permeates the workplace.

I was taking baby steps towards understanding the brave new world of innovation management. Scintillating lectures delivered by visionary professors and leading industry experts were complemented by fiery, hours-long debates with equally-enthused classmates. Everything around me screamed “innovation”. “This is it” I thought, “People back home need to know about this”. My pen took a hold of me, and I found myself writing a lengthy article on the topic and sending it to the widely-read daily. Read more » >>