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Alumni events in Vilnius 7-8 January

Non-profit umbrella organization Youth to Youth Initiative, Malmö University and the Swedish Institute invite you to two alumni events in Vilnius, 7-8 january:

Social Innovation: Youth Participation in Governance

When: 7 January 2016 13:00/ Thursday

Where: Restaurant KITCHEN – Didžioji g. 11, Vilnius

Non-profit umbrella organization Youth to Youth Initiative which aims to foster change and to construct an effective environment for youth participation in the decision making process and community development, Malmö University (Sweden) and Swedish Institute are inviting to a discussion by a cup of coffee.

An important part of social innovation is the opening of governance structures and processes to diversity. There can be any number of drivers for this and it also reflects the extent to which these initiatives enables sustainable change and inclusion. In this seminar, more or less successful examples of youth participation in governance from different countries will be discussed.

Fredrik Björk a lecturer in Social Innovation and Environmental Science at the Department for Urban Studies, Malmö University will arrive directly from Sweden to share his knowledge, insights and ideas with Vilnius Community.

Fredrik Björk is locally is also engaged as a board member of Yalla Trappan, a social enterprise, and the Center for Public Entrepreneurship, a third sector initiative to support civic entrepreneurial initiatives in the region on Skåne.

In 2014 Björk was part of the team that developed an Agenda for an ecosystem for social innovation in Sweden, an initiative financed by VINNOVA, the Swedish governement’s innovation agency. Some months back, Björk joined the Global Wellbeing Lab, a network of people from different parts of society, and all corners of the world. The lab focus on how leadership and organisations can develop beyond the narrow metrics of GDP, towards an approach were the wellbeing of people and ecosystems are at the center. The Lab is a joint initiative by the MIT-based Presencing Institute, GIZ’s Global leadership academy and the Gross National Happiness Center in Bhutan.”

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First, but not last, SI Alumni networking event in Lithuania

Here’s an article from Laura Sudintaitė of the Embassy of Sweden and the Lithuanian-Swedish Society in Vilnius about an alumni event in Lithuania last month!

On May 21, 2015, people from various backgrounds started gathering at the Embassy of Sweden in Vilnius residence premises. The time had come for the first Swedish Institute Alumni networking event in Lithuania.

And it seems that SI Alumni from this Baltic country were indeed keen on getting together. Many of them gladly used the chance to meet each other and learn about the opportunities that cooperation with the SI might provide. Read more » >>