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SI Alumni Forum – Call for applications!

Pictures: SI Alumni Forums in Belarus, Indonesia and Uganda in 2015


Do you have experience in organising successful alumni events? Have you wished there was a larger grant to apply for at SI to realize your vision of a bigger alumni activity bringing more alumni together? Do you have an idea for a big-scale alumni event on the theme of entrepreneurship?

The SI Alumni Forum concept was launched as a pilot project in 2015. Belarus, Indonesia and Uganda were chosen for the pilot and three successful events on the theme of entrepreneurship were held during the year.

This year SI opens up for alumni from any country to apply to organise an SI Alumni Forum. One application will be approved, meaning that only one organising team will be given the opportunity to hold an SI Alumni Forum in 2016.

Please find all the details in the application instructions available for download here.

The application form can be downloaded here.

Remember to submit your application before 1 April!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the SI Alumni Team.

Report from the organising team of the SI Alumni Forum in Belarus

Left to right: Pavel Makhnach, Liudmila Fokeeva, Aleh Kliatsko, Maryna Barouka, Aliaksei Kazlou, Katsiaryna Syrayezhkina, Vasili Mankevich, Ivan Tikota, Natalia Romeiko and Markus Boman (SI)


Dear Swedish Institute Alumni worldwide!

We are the team of the first Swedish Institute Alumni Forum (SIAF) on Entrepreneurship in Belarus (SIAF) and we would like to share our experience in the arrangement and conduction of the Forum. Unfortunately, we are not able to describe all the peculiarities, details and specifics of the Forum organization in one short blog article but we’d like to bring your attention to the most important parts.

Writing “we”, we mean the core of the team – 8 active participants: Ivan Tikota, Katsiaryna Syrayezhkina, Natalia Romeiko, Pavel Makhnach, Aleh Kliatsko, Aliaksei Kazlou, Maryna Barouka and Liudmila Fokeeva. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we did everything by ourselves. Within the organizing process a lot of other alumni in Belarus provided their support in different stages and in various activities. Read more » >>

Sustainable lifestyle: small actions, big difference?

The below report comes from Katsiaryna Syrayezhkina who organized an event on sustainable lifestyle in September.

A seminar on “Sustainable lifestyle: small actions, big difference?” was organized on September 16th in cooperation with the Association of European Business and ODB-Brussels (Belgium).

The main topics were as follows:

-          Sustainable lifestyle (Swedish experience)

-          Sustainable consumption

-          Ecological footprint

-          Eco-friendly initiatives

-          Sustainable mobility/transport

-          Energy efficient housing Read more » >>

‘’Sustainable lifestyle: small actions, big difference?’’ SI alumni event in Minsk on 16 September

Are you living in Belarus and are interested in sustainability issues? SI alumnus Katsiaryna Syrayezhkina is organising a seminar on the topic “Sustainable lifestyle: small actions, big difference?” on 16 September in Minsk. Below is an invitation for all SI alumni and scholarship holders!

Photo: Simon Paulin/Imagebank Sweden


Dear Swedish Institute Alumni and Scholarship Holders, We hereby have the pleasure to invite you to the seminar ‘’Sustainable lifestyle: small actions, big difference?’’ which will take place on September 16th (14.00-18.00) The event is organised in cooperation with the Association of European Business and ODB Brussels.

Every day we make decisions about the way we live, but unfortunately, we often make wrong choices. The way we eat and live in our homes, what we buy, consume and waste, and how we move around account for significant impacts. Our mistakes make life less healthy, and have a negative impact on the world we all live in. Read more » >>

Role of transportation in developing attractive, inclusive and healthy cities for people

Below is a report from Aleh Kliatsko and Andrey Edemsky who received a grant to organise an event in Moscow on the role of transportation in developing attractive, inclusive and healthy cities:

Illustration by Anastasiya Andrukovich

In October 2014, the Swedish Institute and the Embassy of Sweden in Moscow organized the kick-off of the local SI Alumni Network. It was a great evening for networking and sharing experiences. During the event there was opportunity to discuss how a local Moscow-based SI alumni network in Russia could be formed. In order to keep the momentum of the successful kick-off meeting and continue building the local SI Alumni network in the Moscow area, a new alumni event has been organized under the title ”Role of transportation in developing attractive, inclusive and healthy cities for people”, highlighting experiences both from Stockholm and Moscow.

The event was organized by SI alumni Aleh Kliatsko and Andrey Edemsky with support of the Swedish Institute and has been held at Scandinavia
Club. Read more » >>