We are closing the Alumni Blog!

That’s right friends: it’s time to move on to other platforms. From now on you’ll find the latest from the SI Alumni Network only on our Facebook page and in our LinkedIn group.

As of 2017 we’re also sending newsletters to everyone with an updated email address in our database. If you’re interested in receiving information from SI about exclusive opportunities and events, make sure to update your contact information.It only takes a minute!

Update my contact details!

The Swedish Institute’s Alumni Blog was started in late 2012 (read the first post here) and shared the blogs.sweden.se platform with other blogs such as the expat blog, student blog, food blog, fashion blog, sustainability blog etc. Needless to say, the internet landscape has changed a lot since then and social media has changed the way we acquire information, be it news, entertainment or updates from alumni networks. Since two years back we’re the only blog left on this platform as others have either closed entirely or moved on to other platforms (such as the excellent student blog – still alive and kicking!).
Apart from being one of our main communication channels to the network, the alumni blog has also come to serve as an archive of all the great alumni events and activities that have been held over the years. All information will be saved and we will look into new ways of showcasing a selection of all the great events that have been organised during this time.
We certainly hope you’ll continue to stay in touch, with Sweden, SI and with each other!

You are always welcome to contact us via email. 

All the best!
SI Alumni Team