SI Alumni Events this Autumn

There has been a lot of alumni activity this autumn! Here are a few updates:

Mykolaiv, Ukraine: “Youth Employment and Human Rights Kateryna Shapochka”, 19-20 September

The seminar on Youth Employment & Human Rights was held at Mykolaiv V.O. Sukhomlynsky National University.

The course Youth Employment and Human Rights offered SI Alumni and the participants an opportunity to improve their knowledge about Youth Employment and Human Rights.

The main topics included: the fundamental Human Rights Declaration today; the implications of the HR on international and national level; labour law and rights at work: equal opportunities and protection against discrimination; job placements and further education leading to a qualification.

The program included expert lectures and presentations, small group interaction in the “open space” mode followed by the simulation games, “A class divided” movie discussion, personal human rights cases presentation and discussion.

Chisinau, Moldova: ”Consolidation of Moldova SI alumni network”, 24 September

On the 24th of September there was organized the first social networking forum to bring SI alumni together and strengthen the capacities of the newly created SI Alumni network in Moldova. The purpose of this event was to consolidate and stimulate our network to participate into the decision making process.

The event started with inspirational opening remarks from Swedish Institute representative, Markus Boman followed by Andreas Bryngelson from Lund University. Most of the alumni participants were not familiar to each other; this is why the programme included a short presentation of all the guests. That was a great chance to share their experience and interests in Sweden.

Furthermore, there was a creative workshop – break out session in three groups, where SI alumni identified stringent problems that Moldovan society faces and discussed possible solutions, proposing projects/initiatives. Strong discussion points were raised about gender awareness in schools, wastewater management, and academic exchange programs, sustainable production and consumption, among others.

Chisinau, Moldova: ”Eco-dinner”, 25 September

Through this event organizers wanted to increase awareness of several target groups such as SI alumni and public institutions regarding the importance of ecological products and motivate them to further promote and consume eco/ organic products.

Ecological products in Moldova have been discussed from three main areas: sustainable consumption, production and public polices in this field. After the panel discussion session, there was arranged a workshop on problem identification and potential solutions for each of the upper-mentioned area.

The workshop finalized with a “ECO-buffet” made with mainly seasonal, locally sourced products and healthy dishes by a specialized company in nutritional rich meals.

Gothenburg, Sweden: “Engaging with unaccompanied minors”, 21 October

The SI local network in Gothenburg held a workshop on the challenges of unaccompanied minors in Sweden and how different organizations work with them. Around 15 alumni and participants engaged actively in the discussions with guests from Save the Children, the Swedish Red Cross and Gothenburg University and tried to map the ongoing initiatives working on these issues. It was a great opportunity to network and connect with relevant actors.

Amman, Jordan: “SI Alumni Think Entrepreneurship Workshop”, 1 October 

Many Swedish Institute alumni joined Next Level event in Amman at Zain Innovation Campus on where 140 attendees from All around Jordan and the region joined and networked and learnt how to have an innovative dialogue about youth challenges and next was a panel discussion where the Swedish embassy highlighted the Si programs for the young Arab enterpuners and ended with one of the most famous activities of the YLVP program which is a case study was given to groups to work on and develop.

Moscow, Russia: “How to take sustainability further in various organization types”, 26 October

30 SI alumni and their friends gathered to discuss how to move sustainability practices and understanding in their organisations to the next level. The event started with the energetic line exercise that the participants learned from SI team in Sweden: in an interactive way participants expressed their opinions & perceptions on the state of CSR in Russia and what uture they oversee. After that one of SI alumni, Andrei Grigoriev, framed the gathering and introduced a concept of CSR from the perspective of Spiral Dynamics. Then, two guest peakers from local sustainable businesses – Vkusvill and Coco-Bello Honey – shared their experience with building sustainable organisations and challenges that are ahead of them. Participants engaged in discussion which followed by informal networking for more than an hour over fika!

Egypt: “Becoming a changemaker: Introduction to Social Innovation”, Day one: 20 October, Day two: 29 October, and Day three: 5 November

The SI event focused on the idea of proactive learning through online education forums. The topic was social innovation, what it is, how to approach it and to engage constructively through with one’s local community. It was a discussion based event to learn collectively from all participants’ previous experiences and to build future connections for social innovative work.