Alumni Event: Sustainability Priorities and Challenges in Poland!

Title of Event: Sustainability Priorities and Challenges in Poland

Country of Event: Poland, Warsaw

Name of Organizers: Antanas Bubnelis, Justyna Staniewicz, Marek Nowak, Wojciech Gadomski, Rafal Mikolajczyk

What were the main activities during your local SI Alumni Event?

The event included a lecture and discussion on the UN Goals in practice with dr. Andrzej Kassenberg, a local expert on Environmental policy, and a presentation on Sustainability with a Polish spin by Rafał Rudzki, a Senior Manager on Sustainability at Deloitte. This was followed by a  luncheon and mingle at the Swedish Embassy in Warsaw and company visit toPolish recycling factory CS Recycling (Ergis Group) in Plock. The event ended with a get-to-know tour in Warsaw city center and old town and several catch-up and reflection sessions within the group.

Why did you decide to host this local SI alumni event?

After completing the course of SIMP NE 2015-2016, the Group of Alumnus has decided that continue active get-to-know about the countries of participants, as well as to keep the network of the group and expand it even further.

What was the most successful aspect of your event?

High engagement from the group with 12 participants from SIMP NE 2015-2016 coming to the event. It was well planned and executed with variety of activities, covering full cultural experiences of Poland.

What are three lessons learned that you would like to share with other alumni who are interested in hosting a local SI alumni event?

Plan several events to meet the expectations of all participants. Begin early with the organization so that everyone are able to plan traveling and involve several people to the organization of the event!