We are all entrepreneurs

Mexico City, June 4, 2016

It’s Saturday morning at 9 am and there is already a line to enter the Numa Coworking Space in the trendy district Condesa in the heart of Mexico City. The organizers, members of the Alumni-Mexico-Suecia Network, are welcoming the guests as they choose the tracks for the all day program. It is time for this year’s big event for Sweden alumni in Mexico and the theme for the day is “Swedish Entrepreneurship in Mexico”.

The event is opened by the Deputy Head of Mission at the Swedish Embassy in Mexico who points to the importance of the Sweden Alumni Network and how great it is to see it expanding. In the room there is a mix of former scholarship holders, people working for Swedish companies, former exchange students, current students of Swedish language and many more interesting profiles. The room is buzzing during the networking breaks and memories are being shared and new contacts made. At the event we find representativies from companies such as VolvoH&M and Gunnebo who are here to give the guests an insight on how it is to run a Swedish business in another cultural context and what that means for their employees.

In total, 60 alumni with various backgrounds have gathered to listen to Donnie Lygonis, Xue Mei Rhodin, Oskar Hjertonsson and other entrepreneurial profiles who share their experiences from starting up a company or working with Swedish businesses in Mexico. The most popular tracks are the “fuckup-experiences” when speakers tell stories about mistakes and what they learned from them. Xue Mei Rhodin, founder of StartupCabin, wraps up the event by stating that “we are all entrepreneurs in some way, whether it’s owning your own business, managing a project within your employment, engaging in volunteering activities or conducting research at a university. This knowledge can be applied to everything in life”.

Entrepreneurship is a global subject that many of us come across during our lives and where networking is key in order to reach your goals. So, a big thank you to everyone who came to the Swedish Institute Alumni Forum to meet, learn and grow the community, together we can create wonders.

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Stay tuned for the next SI Alumni Forum, taking place in Tbilisi, Georgia!