Report from Pre-departure Event in Indonesia

For the third time the Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta and the Swedish Institute together with the Alumni Swedia organization held a pre-departure event for Indonesian students admitted to Swedish universities. This year’s event took place on Saturday 14 May 2016 at Ciputra Artpreneur in Jakarta and was attended by more than 80 students and 20 alumni.

More than 200 Indonesian students were admitted to Swedish universities this year. Though we still have no information on the final number of students who are actually going until the departure time, we are happy to have 21 recipients of the Swedish Institute Scholarship and more than 30 LPDP scholarship awardees as well as many others in the confirmed list. This pre-departure event was aimed at equipping these students with everything they need to know about life in Sweden before their departure. It was also a great opportunity for the students to meet with other students and to connect with alumni.

Ambassador Johanna Brismar Skoog welcomed the students and officially opened the event. Head of Trade and Promotion of the Embassy, Lina Eidmark, then took over the stage for giving the students a quick and interesting glance on life in Sweden with her presentation, 10 Things to Make Yourself At Home in Sweden.

Imagine a life without “macet” – (or Jakarta’s infamous world’s-worst traffic jam) – and it’s almost certain that the students will be spoiled with the high speed internet connection in Sweden. Yes, Sweden is cold, but the students will learn that there is no such thing as bad weather, only wrong clothes… And 8 other things the students will have to keep in mind when they finally arrive in Sweden and stay for 1-2 years. Or more.

After lunch, a special session on residence permit conducted by the Embassy’s Migration Officer Moeliani Lukito gave a chance for the students to get their questions answered. Next, an introduction on studies and university life was presented by Lund University’s International Director Richard Stenelo. A lot of questions from curious students also came up during this session. So many questions and so enthusiastic students that the time for fika had to follow the Indonesian ‘jam karet’ (rubber time)…and be a little bit delayed.

The event was closed with discussions where the students were grouped into the cities where they plan to study. Each group was led by alumni of the respective city/university, sharing memories and experiences and valuable tips from their unforgettable years in Sweden. Before the closing however, we ‘inserted’ a Skype call with Aksa, who is currently studying at Chalmers in Gothenburg, as well as a series of personal greetings delivered through videos from the Swedish universities and Indonesian students currently studying in Sweden (PPI Swedia). The videos were shot outdoors with either the university compounds or city landmarks in the background, some had clips from the students’ activities which made them both personal and fun!

In short, the pre-departure event this year has reached a new level with the biggest attendance and new exciting sessions, plus there was a great interaction between the students and alumni. The Swedish Institute and the Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta would like to thank Alumni Swedia, PPI Swedia and the participating Swedish universities for their outstanding contributions, and wish the students a successful studies and great years in Sweden!

And by the way, since we did it in a truly Indonesian way, we didn’t forget the group photo session. Of course!