10 SI Alumni Events Granted Funding in the First Call for Applications in 2016

We at the SI Alumni team are pleased to announce that 10 SI Alumni events have been granted funding in the first call for applicants this year. Three events are taking place in Moldova, three in Ukraine and one in Bolivia, China, Georgia and Kosovo respectively.

All applicants have been notified by e-mail. If you have not received a notification about your application, please contact us.

We hope to receive many high quality applications again in our second call for applications which will be sent out mid-April. Information on how to apply will be published on the Alumni blog at that time.

Below is a list of granted events within this call:

Title; Organiser(s)


Prel. Date

Use of ICTs as Instruments for Research;by Georgina Chavez and Karen Cabero Tapia Bolivia


The Future We Want, the City We Need;by Aleh Kliatsko and Du Xinglong China


Progressing with Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda in Georgia;by Salome Zurabishvili and Irine Urushadze Georgia


How Does Corruption Affect the Development of our Countries?;by  Rudine Jakupi and Jeton Zulfaj Kosovo


Eco-Dinner;by Andrei Tarus and Viorica Doros Moldova


Consolidation of Moldova SI Alumni Network;by Rodica Belocosov and Andrei Tarus Moldova


Transparency in the public sector: its importance, main issues and ways of improvement;by Serghei Merjan, Rodica Ivascu and Andrei Tarus et. al. Moldova


Innovative Start-Up: From Idea to End-Product. Modern Investment Sources;by Georgii Valdenmaiier and Iuliia Shevchenko Ukarine


Social responsibility for sustainable development;by Mariia Tyshchenko and  Svitlana Garashchenko Ukraine


Searching 4 Opportunities: The Documentary;by  Oksana Udovyk and  Roman Lisovenko Ukraine