Human rights in education, Ukraine 8 October

The below comes from Kateryna Shapochka who was granted alumni funding to organise an event on the theme of human rights in education:

The 8th October, Human Rights in Education seminar took place at the Mykolaiv V.O.Sukhomlynsky National University (Mykolaiv, Ukraine). It offered participants the opportunity to improve their knowledge about Human Rights Education, to problemize and question the implications of the HRE in a multicultural world, to deepen the knowledge about HRE on an international and national level.

We realize that a democratic society needs active citizens and the seminar showed that SI Alumni and other participants are ready to discuss the Fundamental Human Rights Declaration, want to learn more about HR Declaration and are the team to study possibilities for HR Education to became a mainstream in Ukraine’s educational system.

Text and photos provided by Kateryna Shapochka.