Our Journey after Swedish Institute Management Programme

Below is an article from Olga Ryabova who organised the event “Our journey after SIMP” in Moscow on 1 October!

On the 1st of October the alumni of Swedish Institute and their friends from like-minded communities gathered in Impact Hub Moscow for the re-union called «Our Journey after Swedish Institute Management Program».

Despite heavy Moscow traffic that evening practically everyone came on time.

The evening started with the welcome notice of Olga Ryabova, SIMP alumni who co-initiated the meeting, and presentation of the hosts – Impact Hub Moscow.

The key presentation conducted by Olga Sitnik, co-founder of ExploRussia, was devoted to the sustainable tourism. Many new eye-openers were good to think about and reflect.

The OpenMic format allowed everyone who wanted to held the floor to share his/her story about Swedish Institute, Sweden, the lessons learned and taken home. Occasionally we were able to recover practically the whole story of SIMP (Swedish Institute Management Program) starting with 2007 and looking forward into the 2016 with the current SIMP group 2015-2016.


The evening was full of inspirations and reflections, thoughtful discussions and ideas to develop further.

The Swedish atmosphere, created in the Impact Hub Moscow with the help of VisitSweden and especially Alexander Panko, CEO of VisitSweden and SIMP alumni, made all the speeches and talks a step closer to Stockholm and the time in the program. And the almond tarts, Swedish cookies and dishes reminded us about fika-breaks which are – as we have learned – one of the strongest means in finding compromises and solutions in Swedish culture.

The meeting lasted till late – there was so much to say and to share, many of us have not seen each other for years. And it was great to make new connections, learn new people and new stories.


Many participants repeated by the end of the event the same idea: let’s meet more frequent! And the format selected by the organizers (keynote speech to one of the sustainability issues and OpenMic to make it possible for everyone to share the stories and thoughts) was appreciated a lot.

All of us are very grateful to Swedish Institute for the opportunity to meet and for a special present to every participant – book about Swedish cuisine.

And we are already looking forward to a new meeting!