SI Alumni Profile: Mattewos B.Tefferi

Name: Mattewos B.Tefferi

Country: Ethiopia

When, where & what did you study in Sweden: 
I was awarded SI Scholarship to attend Msc in Electric Power Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology Aug 2011-Aug 2013

Current Occupation?
PhD student at university of Connecticut, USA.  As a doctoral student, my responsibilities varies from taking classes to teaching, working in research and writing proposals for grand. My current research involves on Ultra-Deep Water Subsea High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Connectors where I will contribute on developing subsea DC connector that withstand risks associated with DC electrical operation under subsea environments.

What will you miss about Sweden? What will you not miss?
I miss Chalmers. I always miss the people I meet during my study. It was my first experience to be out of my country and I had the opportunity to meet and experience different cultures. The smooth Swedish public transport is always in my mind.

I will definitely not miss the way Swedish companies treat international students after graduating. Unlike Swedish universities the door of Swedish campiness are closed for international people. I hope to see this be changed in the future.

Your best recommendation to new students in Sweden

Take advantage of the opportunities in Sweden.  Study hard and have fun. If you are not having fun, you are in the wrong place.  Graduate studies should be fun, as mine certainly were, so enjoy your time.  Work hard and play hard!

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