Pre-departure gathering held in Indonesia with new students going to Sweden, Alumni Swedia and PPI Swedia

On 30 July the Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta invited alumni and students of Swedish universities to an evening of meeting old and new friends at Istituto Italiano di Cultura Jakarta.

With support from the Swedish Institute, this annual gathering of alumni, current and new students of Swedish universities provided an opportunity for learning about, exchanging, and reminiscing experiences studying (and living) in Sweden. 30 July happened to be the International Day of Friendship, too. What a perfect day to hold the gathering!

Chargée d’affaires a.i. Lina Eidmark gave a presentation on how to feel at home in Sweden, such as enjoying life without “macet” (traffic jam) and spending lots of time in nature. Learning to call everyone without titles (except for the royal family) is worth remembering, so do not hesitate to call your professors only by their first names.

The evening went on with presentations from the chairmen of Indonesian alumni network “Alumni Swedia” Erlangga Arfan and student association “PPI Swedia” Benny Yusriza, followed by a mini quiz for new students and group discussions over dinner.

The discussions covered anything from academic to daily life, for example: where to get bargain books, used bicycles, halal food, etc. Alumni and students were divided into four main groups: Gothenburg, Lund and Malmö, Uppsala, and Stockholm, with those who reside in smaller cities sit together with the nearby big cities.

Almost 80 people attended this engaging yet fun-filled occasion, out of which 29 were new students. In total, over 60 students from all across Indonesia have been admitted to study in Sweden this year.

The Embassy and the Swedish Institute along with friends at Alumni Swedia and PPI Swedia especially wish the new students a very warm welcome to our family and good luck on your studies!

Images provided by the Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta.