First, but not last, SI Alumni networking event in Lithuania

Here’s an article from Laura Sudintaitė of the Embassy of Sweden and the Lithuanian-Swedish Society in Vilnius about an alumni event in Lithuania last month!

On May 21, 2015, people from various backgrounds started gathering at the Embassy of Sweden in Vilnius residence premises. The time had come for the first Swedish Institute Alumni networking event in Lithuania.

And it seems that SI Alumni from this Baltic country were indeed keen on getting together. Many of them gladly used the chance to meet each other and learn about the opportunities that cooperation with the SI might provide.

Welcoming speech by the Ambassador of Sweden to Lithuania, Cecilia Ruthström-Ruin (right)


The event started with a warm welcome by the Ambassador of Sweden to Lithuania, Cecilia Ruthström-Ruin. In her inspiring speech, the Ambassador stressed the value of the SI Alumni in further strengthening the Swedish – Lithuanian relations.

Laura Sudintaitė, Chair of an NGO called Lithuanian-Swedish Society in Vilnius, expressed her joy over being part of a Sweden-related organization as it not only gives possibility to meet interesting people, but to be a part of a wider net of institutions. And also gives the possibility to organize important events, such as the SI Alumni networking event in Vilnius :)


The main purpose of this particular get-together was to let the people get acquainted with each other and, hopefully, to facilitate their future cooperation. So all of the participants were divided in groups and asked to fill in a questionnaire, in which they had the chance to mark their fields of interest and competencies.

Moreover, everyone was asked to find one, or more, topics of interest that would gather all members of their group to some future SI Alumni event. This particular task was not an easy one as the groups consisted of at least six people, all from very different backgrounds. But, after some vivid discussions, common topics of interest did emerge.

Happy of having tackled all tasks, everyone was given short information on how to fully use the opportunities that the SI has to offer. Moreover, the possibility to organize own SI Alumni events has been stressed, as all of the Alumni now had the topics that could attract more participants of very different backgrounds.

So, see you all in Lithuania next year!