Smart Sustainable Cities, 28 March in Ukraine

Please find below a report from the organisers of the SI alumni event “Smart Sustainable Cities: Ecology, ICT and Architecture” held on 28 March in Ukraine.

On March 28th, SI alumni Anastasia Borenkova and Oleg Nesterenko organized an alumni event called “Smart Sustainable Cities: Ecology, ICT and Architecture”. The event attracted not only the SI alumni, but a large number of people who are interested in the topic of sustainable development. Thus all the participants could network and get new valuable contacts.

After organizing such an event it became evident that the issues of sustainable development in the various areas of life will be of great importance for the Ukrainian government, activists and companies working in Ukraine. Luckily, at the event there were many speakers from abroad – Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, and Russia – who shared their expertise and presented some unique examples. For example, a lot was said about the Royal Sea Port and Hammarby district in Stockholm, and infrastructure projects in Malmo.

The following speakers took part in the event:

Henning Dräger (Sustainability&CSR partner at BDO Ukraine)
What is a livable city for you? Micro and macro levels of sustainable living

Urs Thomann, Vinnitsa City Council, urban planner
Integrated landscape, transport and land use planning
New strategies for sustainable urban development of Vinnitsa

Olexiy Pasichnyi (PhD candidate, KTH, World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development)
Building capacities for urban sustainability in Ukraine

Hossein Shahrokni (PhD Candidate, KTH, Division of Industrial Ecology)
Recent Smart City developments in Stockholm: Stockholm Royal Seaport and Hammarby Sjöstad

Yaroslav Kovalchuk (Research and Project Institute for the Moscow City Masterplan)
City planning and private property: how to manage the development in the market economy

Roman Ivanenko (entrepreneur), Yevhenia Gubkina (architect, NGO Urban Forms Center), Maria Uvarova (Bobrytsya Development and Improvement Foundation)
About sustainable village of Bobrytsya, Kyiv

The event was divided into two parts. During the first session speakers talked about the theoretical questions of sustainable development and provided some examples from abroad. During the second session, Ukrainian speakers focused mostly on the successful projects in Ukraine – in particular, cities of Vinnitsa, Bobrytsya, etc. As the result, the participants significantly extended their knowledge about the principles of sustainable development and how they are applied in the contexts of ecology, technology and architecture.

Some comments about the event:

“It was a great pleasure to participate in the well organised “Smart sustainable cities” event with an engaged audience and a great line up of speakers. Smarter cities of all sizes are capitalising on new technologies and insights to transform their systems, operations and service delivery. Competition among cities to engage and attract new residents, businesses and visitors means constant attention to providing a high quality of life and vibrant economic climate. Forward-thinking cities like Vancouver and Copenhagen recognise that although tight budgets, scarce resources and legacy systems frequently challenge their goals, new and innovative technologies as well as community resilience can help turn challenges into opportunities. I am also hopeful that Smart City “seeds” will plant themselves in the minds of Ukrainian city officials and urban communities with time to support a new, sustainable dawn for our beautiful country”.

Henning Dräger, Sustainability and CSR partner, BDO Ukraine

“Looking at the number of people registered to participate in our event I can definitely conclude that the topic of smart sustainable cities is very relevant for Ukraine and we need more of such events to occur. I believe that we, young leaders, can make life in Ukrainian cities more comfortable relying on the successful projects implemented by ecologists, urban planners and ICT professionals in other countries. By the way, there are great Ukrainian cases to know about. Therefore, we invited both Ukrainian and foreign practitioners to introduce such cases to the audience. I hope everyone got a dose of inspiration to start making positive changes to the city he/she lives in!”

Anastasiya Borenkova, organizer, Visby, Master Studies, Mid Sweden University

“This is very relevant and important topic especially for Ukraine. Under this theme we saw actually great examples of some Smart projects of cities and what is more important their implementation in a real life!!! Also, one of the most significant messages for me was that good thought even of one person can create consequential and valuable things for the whole society and even for the city rather with the lack of visible material recourses. I consider the organization of such kind of event very beneficial to show how the ideas could change the world for our better future!!! Thank you so much”.

Iryna Yermakovych, Visby, Kristianstad University

“I liked the overall mood at the event and that there are so many active people in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. I look forward to the quick positive changes!”

Oleg Nesterenko, Visby, Lund University