“Smart Sustainable Cities: Ecology, ICT, Architecture” in Kyiv, Ukraine

Please find below an invitation from SI Alumni Anastasiya Borenkova and Oleg Nesterenko to an event on sustainable urbanization in Kyiv on 28 March. This is one of the 14 SI Alumni events granted funding by SI in the first of two calls for applications in 2015.

Photo: Oleg Nesterenko

On the 28th of March there will be an alumni event «Smart Sustainable Cities: Ecology, ICT, Architecture» in Kyiv, Ukraine.

We kindly invite all alumni interested in the topic of sustainable development of the communities: ecologists, engineers, architects, designers, activists, etc. Registration may be completed following the link: bit.ly/March28th.

Languages of the event are English and Ukrainian.

At our event Swedish, Danish, Ukrainian and Russian specialists will present the results of their research and work. Special attention will be given to the practices in Sweden and Ukraine.

Sweden may be a good role model for Ukraine. It was able to reorganize its economic model, enhance the efficiency in practically all spheres of societal life and significantly improve the overall ecosystem in which the people live and interact with each other.

On the contrary Ukraine is suffering from the consequences of the degradation of the environment, ineffective use of energy, old approaches to managing and developing the communities. At the moment we can see the increased attention in Ukraine to the following topics: urban studies, IT, ecology in the cities, so the discussion planned on the 28th of March will be of great current interest.

The event will be organized in the “Dom Pashkov” in vul. Melnykova, 83D, 7th floor (in front of KIMO, u-station Lukiyanivska).

In order to register, please complete the form: bit.ly/March28th (the number of participants is limited).

The following speakers are going to participate in the event:

Henning Dräger (Sustainability&CSR partner at BDO Ukraine)
What is a livable city for you? Micro and macro levels of sustainable living

Olexander Stolovoi (architect)
About integrity of nature and city

Olexiy Pasichnyi (PhD candidate, KTH, World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development)
Pilot project of the European Union ERAIHM in Ukraine “Development of Strategy of sustainable heat supply in Bila Tserkva”

Hossein Shahrokni (PhD Candidate, KTH, Division of Industrial Ecology)
Recent Smart City developments in Stockholm: Stockholm Royal Seaport and Hammarby Sjöstad

Yaroslav Kovalchuk (city planner)
Master-plan vs. General-plan

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