Alumni get-together in Minsk

On 28 December SI Alumni in Belarus got together in Minsk for an informal gathering. Vasili Mankevich writes about it below:

Photo provided by Vasili Mankevich

Alumni networks are fascinating and ours is probably as diverse as it can get! On December 28th together with other Swedish Institute Scholarship alumni we met in central Minsk for an informal “get-together”. Between the six of us we represented Belarus, Sweden and the UK in very different fields: Teaching, Architecture, Belarusian business association, Car Manufacturing, Research in Sustainability and Information Systems. Nevertheless, the discussion was lively – we could touch upon challenges of Belarusian education, Urban Development in Minsk, future of Belarusian IT sector and direct foreign investment. We found a lot of common points of interest (contrary to what our background may suggest) and I hope that some of the ideas we had will grow into projects. The boundary spanning property of the Swedish Institute network is something that can create a lot of interesting opportunities, but only through small and almost intimate meetings like ours, where people can share their story and try to understand each others viewpoint. May our small event be an inspiration for other alumni – you can meet up outside the large official events, have fun, mingle, and start exciting projects together!

Vasili Mankevich
PhD researcher in Informations Systems
Swedish Center for Digital Innovation