SI Alumni Profile: Yoseph Berhane Gebremedhin

Name: Yoseph Berhane Gebremedhin

Country: Ethiopia

When, where & what you studied in Sweden:

I attended a one year master program in Environmental Communication and Management at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, which I completed in 2010. I am currently studying my MA in Communication for Development by distance learning at Malmö University.

Current occupation:

Currently I’m working as an independent environmental consultant based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I am also involved in research projects related to climate change and environmental communication.

Strongest memory from Sweden:

During my one year stay I got to meet people from all over the world and got to know an amazing country. I was a student participant in a short course on Participatory Learning and Action Research Methods at SLU. The course involved working in small groups of students who had mixed abilities to develop skills in a range of methods which included: systems thinking and practice, matrix and pair-wise ranking, problem and solution analysis, force field analysis. We later participated in field work in which we practiced the methods with a local community in Dalarna. It was a very rewarding time, which gave me a whole new perspective on life and of course on my career.

Your best recommendation to new students in Sweden:

If you are thinking of biking to school, buy a good bike from a store. During the cold season I advice new students to buy a bus ticket for month. The best place to meet students from various universities is at the nations and one should sometimes go out to the nations particularly Friday night.

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