SI Alumni Profile: Nguyen Xuan Tinh

In front of Main Library in Lund University in 2014 after attending the World Water Week Conference

Name: Nguyen Xuan Tinh

Country: Vietnam

When, where & what you studied in Sweden:

At the moment, I am still clearly remember the day I received the SI Scholarship Notification from the reserved scholarship position in late June 2004 to attend  the Master Program in Water Resources Engineering at Lund Institute of Technology (LTH), Lund University. This was one of the most happiness days of my life. After successful completed the program in January 2006, I had got the Ph.D Scholarship from Japanese Government to pursuit doctoral research at Tohoku University. I have completed my doctoral degree in November 2009 and immediately after that I was granted for 2-year postdoctoral fellowships from Japan Society for Promotion of Science, which is a high reputation scholarship in Japan, to continue carry out my research at Tohoku University.

Current occupation:

I finished my academic degree journey and returned to Vietnam in late 2011. I am currently being a lecturer at the Water Resource University in Hanoi. Besides, I am also work as a senior engineer for one U.S Environmental Consulting Company in Hanoi branch office.

Strongest memory from Sweden:

Amazing natural environment views in during the Autumn and beginning of Spring in Sweden will stay in my mind forever. Student corridor parties and outside activities were another great memorial experiences there. It sounds a bit funny but I often tell my friends that my strongest memory from Sweden is the sound from a box under every traffic light. If you want to cross the street, you need to press the button in this box and the traffic light will become green earlier for you.

Your best recommendation to new students in Sweden:

Try to develop your own skills in order to confidently individual and team works. Gain as much as knowledge you can, it will definitely help your future career or go to higher degree levels. Don’t hesitate to join the student activities and communicate to exchange the culture and experiences. There were a few long holidays in Sweden so these were also good chances for you to explore Europe in general and Sweden in particular.

You recently attended the World Water Week in Stockholm through support from the Swedish Institute and you got to meet with several other SI alumni and current scholarship holders. Please tell us about this experience!

This World Water Week Conference was the biggest conference I have ever attended. The conference was very interesting to me. I enjoyed to listen to many presentations and discussions about the international water issues and energy. The interesting point was that the discussions were not only from researchers and professors but also from company leaders and government officials. Therefore, it had raised and discussed many different points of view in order to find the best sustainable ways to handle the world issues related to water and energy. I think this way is a great way to solve any water issues in the world. I have exchanged a number of contacts during the conference; I hope that I can use this opportunity to cooperate to them for some water and energy issues in Vietnam in the near future

The Mingle at the SI office in Stockholm was also a great event. We have had chances again to meet other SI scholarship Alumni as well as SI Members after long time. I did enjoy very much to discuss, listen and share experiences with others. It seems to me that there were quite a lot of people among the SI Alumni working on similar topic, so I hope we can organize or build some technical teams for working on some non-profit social projects.

I grateful thank the Swedish Institute for granting me this opportunity to attend this WWW Conference.