SI Alumni Profile: Dawit Hailu Mazengia

Skiing in Uppsala, winter 2010.

Name: Dawit Hailu Mazengia

Country: Ethiopia

When, where & what you studied in Sweden:
I was awarded an SI scholarship in 2006 to attend my master’s studies in Electric Power Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, which I completed in 2008. Immediately after that, I joined Uppsala University and studied Sustainable Development specializing on Energy and completed my studies in 2010.

Current occupation:
Currently I’m working at Libya Oil Ethiopia Ltd, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as Lead Engineer and working part time research works in Water and Energy related issues (self)

Strongest memory from Sweden:
Biking in the snow was one of my favorite activities sin Sweden. I also did some skiing in the winters and that was quite an amazing experience too. The long and dark winter days were not attractive by any measure, but witnessing it was also another memorable experience. The amazingly organized Swedish transportation system sticks to the mind forever.

Your best recommendation to new students in Sweden:
Study as much as you can (your primary objective). Be a social traveler and explore Europe and beyond. Don’t limit yourself from socializing with international students; share your culture and learn theirs. This is also your chance to learn some Swedish, miss it not.

Swedes are very cooperative and be not afraid of asking; they will help you out as long as they know what you are asking.

You recently attended the World Water Week in Stockholm through support from the Swedish Institute and you got to meet with several other SI alumni and current scholarship holders. Please tell us about this experience!
The conference was generally a very interesting conference. To me, the most important part of the conference was to listen to the lifetime experiences and research findings of different scholars, ministers, government officials, etc about the challenges that the world is facing today related to water and energy and the sustainable ways to deal with these problems. As a young professional, it was very interesting to listen to presenters that my home country Ethiopia has abundant water recourses but it only faces economic limitations to utilize them in a sustainable way.

The Mingle at the SI office in Stockholm was also an interesting event and discussing and sharing experience with different SI scholarship holders was quite an experience. This is especially very interesting as most of us went back to our home country after studying and it helps to compare our school experience with our work life experience and discussing the advantages and challenges of it. I hoped to hear about the experience of alumni association in other countries but unfortunately there was no one who had that experience to share with. Other than that it was an interesting event.

I thank the Swedish Institute for giving me this chance to attend the conference and the mingle from which I believe I have benefited a lot.

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