Invitation for SI alumni in Sweden: Global Symposium on Women’s Entrepreneurship, 17-18 June

Dear member of SI Alumni in Sweden,

Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your network and learn more about innovation and entrepreneurship.
Please see invitation by Mr. Magnus Aronsson at ESBRI below!

As an SI Alumni in Sweden you are invited to attend without paying any conference fee the 2014 Global Symposium on Women’s Entrepreneurship in Stockholm on 17-18  June.  Over the next years a network of current and future thought leaders and action leaders will be created with a focus on women’s entrepreneurship and innovation.
Off course, women and men alike are welcome to the 2014 Global Symposium on Women’s Entrepreneurship 2014.

Some of the questions that will be discussed are:
- How can women’s entrepreneurship be enhanced?
- Where do women find resources such as talent, networks and financial capital?
- What are the barriers to growth?
- And to what extent is their entrepreneurship a driver of economic and social value?
Among the speakers you will find researchers, experienced entrepreneurs, ambassadors, financiers and policymakers.

For you as an SI Alumn in Sweden, participation is free if you are accepted as a participant (regular participation fee is 1 300 SEK excluding VAT). The participation fee does not include travel and lodging.

To qualify as a participant you need to send an email to this email address  with the following information:




Home country:

Why should you participate for free at the symposium (no more than 100 words)?

Within 24 hours from submitting your answer, you will receive notification if you have secured free participation at the symposium or not.

You need to send your answers as soon as possible, since ESBRI will admit participants continuously.

If you cancel your participation after June 13, the organizers have to invoice you a cancellation fee of 300 SEK.

When: June 17-18, 2014. Registration from 13:00 on the 17th, ends on June 18th at 16:30.
Where: 7A, Odenplan, Stockholm

More information:

The 2014 Global Symposium on Women’s Entrepreneurship is organized by ESBRI in collaboration with VINNOVA with support from ALMI and Babson College.