Last Minute Invitation: Smart Living Challenge in Istanbul, 22 May

Dear SI Alumni,

Welcome to join the Smart Living Challenge creative workshops at Istanbul Technical University and Ericsson as our local partners together with the Embassy of Sweden and the Swedish Institute.

The Smart Living Challenge is an open innovation contest and more than 25 workshops are carried out globally and a number of workshops in Sweden – so it´s a great and energizing experience.

There will be a mix of students from the ITU as well as from Ericsson.  “Your ideas can make a difference” together with the Smart Living Challenge and this workshop leader Kaj Török from Futerra

Workshop “MOVE”

Date: Thursday, 22nd of May, 13:00-17:00

Location: İTÜ İdris Yamantürk Conference Room 1304, Electrical & Electronics Eng. Building, Ayazaga Campus

To apply, contact:  jakob.uludag(at)


13:00-14:00   Opening speeches (Consulate of Sweden/Istanbul & Ericsson)
14:00               Kaj Török > Opening & Presentation including a short video presentation
14:15                Workshop
16:20               Recording the material produced, video + collecting notes
16:50’ish         Closing


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