Indonesian Swedish Alumni Fika time

What is one Swedish culture that everyone can instantly relate to? FIKA! Whether you are at work or out with friends, you can always do fika. When you are too stress in doing something, take a break and have a fika! Enjoy the taste of your preferred coffee and let yourself seduced by the inviting smell of kanelbullar (Cinnamon roll) with its rich flavor, accompanied by a couple of friends just talking and having a good time! I guarantee you will soon forget all your stress! It is also a good occasion to catch up with friends and families.

On 9th April 2014 Swedish Alumni Board members and representatives from the Swedish Embassy in Indonesia went out for Fika. What is a Fika without Swedish’s taste right? So we went to a Swedish-owned-coffee-roaster, Crematology, and (finally) got to enjoy real Swedish kanelbullars. When you live so far away from Sweden (close to 6500 miles away!), it is kind of difficult to find a place that will offer you Swedish delights. We are glad we have one in Jakarta!

Welcome baby Isak :-)

The Swedish Alumni had a gathering back in February, thus it is nice to get together again and catch up with each other. Joining our fika is the adorable nine-months-old, baby Isak, who is the future of Swedish alumni. During fika, Daniel Johansson, Deputy Head of Mission of the Swedish Embassy in Indonesia, informed Swedish alumni board members about the Innovative Sweden event.

Innovative Sweden event will take place from May 6th to June 5th at the newly built I3L’s campus in Rawamangun Jakarta. I3L, a short form of Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences, is a cooperative effort between Indonesia’s KALBE Farma, Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, and other supporting bodies.

At the Innovative Sweden event there will be lots of seminars, workshops, exhibitions and other activities (including smart living challenge that can take you to Sweden!). The event will give plenty information about 20 latest amazing Swedish’s Innovations (which was selected by Swedish Institute) , sustainable living in Swedish’s way, and at the same time reminds us that we have actually been using Swedish’s Innovations in our everyday activities.

It’s fika time :-)

The Swedish Alumni Board members are more than happy to support this event by creating the buzz. Tiar, one of the board members, said that the seminars sounds very interesting and looking forward to it.  As Swedish alumni, we are truly proud to have studied in a very innovative country.  Go Sweden Go!