Tuesday in Istanbul

On Tuesday the 26th we went to Istanbul´s oldest university; Istanbul university. It was founded in 1453 and is therefore just slightly older than Swedens oldest university, Uppsala university, which was founded in 1477.

Istanbul university is situated beautifully in the Beyazit area and has an impressively big campus.

We got to meet with Professor Aysegül Komsuoglu and with some of her students. As a extra plus she also arranged for us to meet with their career center so that we could discuss with them how we could reach even more Turkish students and spread the information more widely.

The career center was situated in an old red and green building just outside campus, as soon as I can get all the technical things to work here I will post pictures here so that you can see it.

The afternoon was spent together with Head of Section for Turkish-Swedish cooperation at the Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul, Sevil Özmen, who joined us for a presentation at Istanbul Bilgi university.

The students there were really actively showing their interest by asking lots of questions. I´m guessing we might get some applicatons from students there :)

The best thing of the day though was that after the meeting at Istanbul Bilgi university me and Tove went to the airport to catch a flight to Ankara. Just after going through security a former scholarship holder, Burak Haciahmetoglu, approaches me. Burak was granted the Swedish Institute Scholarship for Human Rights Law in memory of Anna Lindh, which is a scholarship within the Swedish-Turkish scholarship program. He was granted in 2008, I think and I haven´t seen him since he returned to Turkey. That was really surprising but I guess, if you have more than 200 alumnis in a country you would sooner or later walk in to any of them.

Unfortunately our time before boarding was so short so we didn´t really have time to talk but still, that really made my day :)