The university tour in Turkey begins

On Monday 26th we started off with our first university meeting here in Istanbul by visiting Bogazici university.

Our presentations focuses on Sweden as a study destination and about the Swedish-Turkish scholarship program which is open for applicants from Turkey. As a bonus, one of our former scholarship holders, Bilge Mehpeyker Uluyol, came with us to also give her perspective on Sweden and her time as a student and scholarship holder.

Due to exams at this time of the year students were a bit busy but those who came was really interested of the scholarships and asked a lot of questions.

After the meeting at Bogazici we took a taxi from the European side of Istanbul and went to the Asian side. We had lunch at a really crowded student restaurant just outside of Marmara university before meeting number two which was at that university.

At Marmara University we met with Professor Dr Hamza Kandur and Professor Dr Suut Dogruel. They had never previously heard about our scholarship program but were very happy to get information about this. They were very friendly and helpful, Prof. Dogruel took us on a tour to see the campus at Göztepe and they also arranged a driver to take us to our next meeting. That was more than we would have wished for, thank you so much!

Next meeting was held at Sabanci university. Sabanci is very far out on the Asian part of Istanbul and it was quite a drive to get there. The university is relatively new and it´s huge even though they have quite a low number of students, only around 2000.

The students attending the meeting asked a lot of questions and we could answer most of them. Some are still to be updated on our website until Saturday when the applicaiton period officially opens at

After the meeting at Sabanci we got on the university shuttle bus taking us to Kadiköy from where we took the ferry over to the European part. That is really the fastest and easiest way to travel in Istanbul so no wonder there are so many boats on the Bosphorus :)